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2016 Product Catalog - 3

At O’Brien, we know your time on the water is cherished. Helping you get the absolute most pleasure from that time is our mission. For over 50 years, O’Brien has been creating products specifically for the ultimate family fun on the water. We work hard to design, test, manufacture, and improve each and every product we make so your water time will make memories that last a lifetime. We believe in pushing the sport forward, providing the newest technology and the latest manufacturing techniques to build the most advanced watersports products on earth. We understand that what we do behind the...

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2016 Product Catalog - 4

BOARD AND SKI TECH PRESS-PASS Tweaks the 5-Stage Rockerline specifically for park riding with more exaggerated transitions beneath the binding and toward the tip and tail. This produces an explosive Ollie in addition to providing an increased surface area to land, balance, and press-rails, kickers, and features in the park. DELTA BASE TECHNOLOGY Defined by the “V” shaped channels molded into the tip and tail of the board, the Delta Base reduces board drag for faster edging into and a cleaner release off the wake. These channels have the same effect as a stepped hull on a race boat, they...

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2016 Product Catalog - 6

BREDDAS 133/138/143 For 2016, we squared off the tip and tail and softened the lay-up for a better performance on the rails. Hands down the Breddas brothers (AKA: Benjamin, Jeremiah, and Mattias Hoppe) are three of the most technical and creative park riders in the industry, so we crafted their signature board to be as innovative and resilient as their riding. The 100% wood core is durable, creates a perfect flex pattern for explosive ollies, and the Press Pass rockerline features 5 distinct zones throughout the base providing a larger more stable platform when landing and pressing...

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2016 Product Catalog - 9

BAKER 136 / 140 / 144 Maximum Stability for Intermediate to Pro Riders. Consistancy was engineered into the Baker’s Fusion Core to provide just the right flex pattern, while two molded-in fins on the tip and tail provide the perfect grip when setting your edge. Believe it or not, the Baker was designed for park riding with it’s Impact Base but is perfectly capable behind the boat as well thanks to it’s progressive rockerline, helping intermediate and advanced riders learn new tricks thanks to it’s consistent, stable, and predictable handling characteristics. 3.01 Progressive 3.16...

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2016 Product Catalog - 10

128/132/136/140/144 Sean O’Brien has been killing it on the Paradigm over the past few seasons, but after learning about our new technologies and materials, Sean and O’Brien collectively decided it was time for a new deck. As a result, Sean worked hand in hand with legendary shaper Chris Johnson to create the S.O.B. With a soft, refined flex pattern the S.O.B is a pure park performer. However, taken out of it’s park element and faced with a boat wake, the soft flex pattern stores energy, explodes off the wake, and it’s flex dissipates energy upon landing, allowing less abuse on your body...

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2016 Product Catalog - 13

Affordable Simplicity For All The Fremont is an affordable yet durable park performer that utilizes our 100% foam Feather Light core for a soft, forgiving flex pattern. It’s featureless base with removable fins teaches beginners proper edge control while it’s thin tip and tail reduces swing weight, perfect for charging groms or intermediate riders dialing in their spins and mobes. LENGTH Suggested Bindings: PLAN B, CONNECT

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2016 Product Catalog - 14

Reach For The Sky We asked Parker Siegele what he wanted in his first signature board and his bottom line was durability and amplitude. We pressed our hybrid wood and foam Fusion Core into a 5-Stage rockerline with more volume in the tip and tail, framed it in with DuraRail, and skinned it with an Impact Base before shipping it to Parker for testing. After a few minor tweaks like adding a spine along the base for softer landings and pumping up the rockerline for more height, we dialed in the perfect shape for anyone looking to challenge Parker’s technical riding. WEIGHT LIMIT Suggested...

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2016 Product Catalog - 17

Lightweight, Massive Air, Soft Landings Jeff Langley’s second signature model keeps the center spine and Delta Base everyone loved from the Bruce, pumped up the rockerline, swapped out the core, widened the overall profile, then squared off the tip and tail for firmer ollies and more punch off the wake. Suggested Bindings: GTX, NOMAD, PLAN B

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2016 Product Catalog - 18

Refined Recipe of Precision And Pop Cory Teunissen fired over some specific requests and right away we knew his signature board was going to parallel his riding… next level. Last season, Cory requested our Feather Core to reduce weight but wanted some extra kick so we placed two carbon fiber stringers in the tip and tail with impressive results. This season we’ve taken the one step further. We kept the Delta Base and 3-Stage rockerline keeping the CTP fast and edging effortlessly, but decided to run carbon the full length of the board so as the board rides up the face of the wake, it...

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2016 Product Catalog - 21

Lively Fun For Everyone Tarah Mikacich lives to have fun on the water and she insisted that her signature board be effortless to ride so everyone’s left smiling after their first set. To accomplish this the Spark stays trim with our Feather Core and was designed to ride a bit deeper in the water with a 3-Stage rocker line and full step-down rail, allowing the rider to effortlessly control their edge. With a triple concave hull and a Delta Base, the Spark has everything a pro rider wants, but is also the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stable platform to progress their riding....

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