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Providing fun on the water for the entire family - This is the foundation of what we believe and why we do what we do every day here at O’Brien. O’Brien has been providing fun on the water for over 50 years. We work hard to uphold the consistency of design, usability, and quality in each and every product we manufacture to the same high standards that we did 50 years ago. At the same time we believe in pushing the sports forward, providing the newest technology and the latest manufacturing techniques to build the most advanced watersports products available today. We understand that what we...

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BOARD AND SKI TECH 3 STAGE ROCKER Generally, 3-Stage Rocker boards are defined by a flat (or nearly flat) midsection of the board, with the tips kinked upwards at an angle. Because of the kinked bottom shape, 3-Stage Rocker boards tend to be much more aggressive off the wake than continuous boards, with a more straight-up component to the pop. The more abrupt the tip angle, the more kick the board has off the wake – but typically this comes along with more drag and can also make the board “stop” on landings. Again, we know all that, so we make sure our 3-Stage boards ride fast, kick hard,...

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CABLE WAKEBOARDS The Breddas (Hoppe brothers Benjamin, Mattias, and Jeremiah) have been dominating park riding and now have their own board designed to take them to new levels. The all new Breddas board features a 100% wood core providing unreal snap and feel, an evolutionary rocker line designed to enhance pressing on obstacles – allowing the rider to push the limits of style and expression. Finished off with indestructible Dura-rail edges and bombproof Impact base, the Breddas board is built to last wherever you take it. EDGE PROFILE WEIGHT LIMIT FIN SETUP SUGGESTED BINDING

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CABLE WAKEBOARDS O’Brien worked continuously to hone the Baker into one of the most perfomance-oriented boards available. Whether winching or free riding, we constantly are pushing the envelope of what is possible. In a quest to continually improve, the flex in the tip & tail was increased, the volume & height of the molded fins was reduced, and subtle tracking channels through the midsection were added. These changes resulted in a lighter board that tracks and presses with greater authority. These changes, combined with the bulletproof Impact Base, make the Baker a hugely popular board...

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CABLE WAKEBOARDS Sean O’Brien (SOB) has been killing it on the Paradigm for a few years now so we decided it was time to get him a new ride. While the Paradigm was designed to do everything equally well, the SOB is definitely geared towards the park / rail rider – but still capable behind the boat. Subtle but significant bottom contouring provide added control on the water and enhanced sliding ability on rails. The squared-off tips are tuned for pressing, jibbing, and ollie power, while the signature ribbed top deck provides just the right flex for your riding pleasure. EDGE PROFILE WEIGHT...

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Inspired by the Paradigm flex board, but at a more wallet-freindly price, the Fremont is a do-it–all boat and cable board. In the Fremont, O’Brien captured the essence of all that makes the Paradigm such an outstanding hybrid board; the same featureless bottom and durable, removable Blunt fins, the stiff midsection but flexible tip and tail, the DuraRail Edge and the straight edge profile. The Fremont is great for intermediate riders, but pros love it, too. WIDTH ROCKER STANCE EDGE PROFILE WEIGHT LIMIT FIN SETUP SUGGESTED BINDING

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all terrain & boat WAKEBOARDS This is the board that Jeff Langley made famous. A notoriously smooth board that exudes both style and power, its 5-stage rocker gives it tremendous glide along with awesome vertical pop. A rigid midsection with flexible tips give the board a snappy release like nothing else out there. The Delta Base enhances the already tremendous glide and release this board achieves. A Double-Concave Hull is more icing on the low-drag cake. The Bruce is also built extra durable, to withstand the huge air that Jeff is known for. It has super resilient Dura Rail edges and a...

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all terrain & boat WAKEBOARDS It’s been exciting here at O’Brien as we witness the growth and increasing riding prowess of Cory Teunissen. The time had come for Cory to be riding a board he could call his own, and to that, we introduce the CTP (Cory Teunissen Project). Drawing on a heavy dose of inspiration from the boards Cory has previously ridden, the CTP takes aggressiveness to the next level. Featuring a full step-down rail and super fast 3-stage rocker line, the CTP calls on quad fins and strategic carbon fiber elements to deliver drive and snap at the wake like none other. EDGE...

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all terrain & boat WAKEBOARDS tarah mikacich SUGGESTED BINDING Ridden by Tarah Mikacich, the Spark rides a bit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to generate line tension effortlessly, and maximizes the 3-stage pop at the wake. A triple concave hull through the midsection transitions to defined channels at the tips, providing unparalleled thrust to the wake. The variable rail has extra volume through the center for a more forgiving transition, while the unique, center mounted molded Spine fins provide exceptional balance and control while on edge. Tarah accepts only the best, shouldn’t...

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LENGTH WIDTH ROCKER EDGE PROFILE Variable Bevel Variable Bevel WEIGHT LIMIT SUGGESTED BINDING It’s about time the little rippers of the world got a board built just for them from the ground up. Usually, groms have the choice of riding a board way too big for them, or some low-budget poor performing kids board. Not anymore! Pick up the Hooky and you’ll see that it’s definitely not just another kids board. This board is extremely light, features a double concave hull and quad fins for performance, and at 110 cm & 118 cm lengths, just the right size. As an added bonus, the tip and tail feature...

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