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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 2

TEAM OBRIEN Pro Wake: Jeff Langley Sean O’Brien Nick Ennen Josh Sanders Daniel Watkins Cobe Mikacich Tarah Mikacich Dallas Frida y Regional Wake: Mitch Allen Hunter Henderson Ty Udell Ian Udell JB O’Neill Gunner Daft Gunnar Shuler Brad Spencer Corbin Blanton Ski Team: Glenn Campbell Geena Krueger Jason McClintock Genev Roach a Neill Ross y Drew Ross Karen Stevens Jr. Pro Wake: Cory Teunissen Parker Siegele Robby Holihan Da vid O’Caoimh Andy Nintzel Brooke Grassman Jon Bemis Robby Maschhaupt Thomas Olson Derek Seaman Jason Jak ober Russ Wilde Kneeboard Team: Ted Bevelacqua Da Brunt ve...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 3

MULTIMEDIA MOUNT EOUIPFJD WITH MULTI-MEDIA INSERT TO MOUNT YOUR CONTOUR-OR GO PRO- OFF AXIS ROTATION SYSTEM EQUALHEEL&TOE LEVERAGE WHILE ACHIETVING PERFECT ALIGNMENT. As boards have gotten more technical and options of flex, rocker and constructions continue to grow - we've created some tools to help you out in your selection of one of our boards. The numbers are based on the average of our boards and range from -5 to +5. The Flex numbers are based on extensive data recorded in our testing labs, while the Feel-o-Meter is based on several factors such as rocker, edge profile, and flex and...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 5

the bruce SIZES: 132cm, 137cm, 142cm Creating a board that meets the needs of Jeff Langley’s style was not easy. Not only does he do all the tech tricks with style; he also takes his tricks impossibly big as well. After a year’s worth of prototypes and countless hours of hard work and inspiration we give you The Bruce. Built off our Fusion core and bombproof sandwich construction, we developed an explosive 5-stage rocker line that is fast and poppy behind the boat. Dura Rail edges and Impact base make this board at home on the cable park as well. A full rail through the midsection of the...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 6

CONTRA SIZES : 133cm, 137cm, 141cm The Contra features a triple concave hull through the midsection that transitions into defined channels exiting at the tips, providing unparalleled thrust to the wake. The variable rail has extra volume through the center for a more forgiving transition, while the unique, centrally located molded fins provide exceptional balance and control while on edge. The Contra rides a bit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to generate line tension effortlessly, maximizing the 3-stage pop at the wake. The Fusion core continues with the Contra, providing just a...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 7

Josh Sandersjaro model Format started the wood revolution with O'Brierys Fusion Core. Top to bottom full-length wood stringers allow us to achieve the "Holy Grail" of wakeboarding construction; reduced overall volume and decreased weight. The Fusion Core gives us a board that is up to 1.5 lbs. lighter than our standard core. We've also reinvented the progressive rocker by lifting the centerline of the board towards the tips, resulting in more vertical pop with no loss of speed to the wake. A subtle double concave through the clean midsection of the board softens impact on landings. The base...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 8

BAKER SIZES : 128cm, 136cm, 140cm, 144cm Introduced in 2012, the Baker set the standard for the all-terrain boards and for 2013 we’ve made it even better. Both Nick Ennen and legions of stoked Baker riders worldwide gave us great feedback, and in response we’ve added more flex to the tip and tail, reduced the volume and height of the molded fins and added subtle tracking channels through the midsection of the board. The result? The Baker is now lighter, tracks better, presses longer and has more of the load-andrelease explosion off the wake that flex riders love. Of course it still has our...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 9


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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 10

paradigm 2013 PRODUCT Catalog WAKEBOARDS SIZES: 129cm, 134cm, 139cm, 144cm 10 When we approached Sean O’Brien to develop the Paradigm, the question was raised “Can we create a single, no compromise board for the cables, rails, and behind the boat?” In the past, boards that were great on the obstacles suffered off the wake and vice versa. Not anymore. The Paradigm forges a unique union between wake and park riding, a board equally at home shredding rails or boosting off the double up. Featuring our new Fusion Core with top to bottom full-length wood stringers, we utilize a heavily ribbed...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 12

Dallas Friday's pro model will definitely bring out the wild side in any rider. Designed specifically for the female rider, the Skyla roffs on edge easier, pops higher, and rides with less drag than any other board in our line. Built on a thin, lightweight profile, the Skyla rides fast and clean on the water, which means less effort for anyone riding. With Dallas' favorite 1.25" Rail fin, the Skyla is stable enough for anyone to ride and capable of record setting performances. With O'Brien's signature Delta base, the Skyla builds line tension with ease to get the most out of every set....

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 13


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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 14


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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 15

PARKERSIEGELE WAKEBOARDS FREMONT SIZES : 128cm, 133cm, 138cm, 143cm Shape: C. Johnson 128cm 133cm 138cm 143cm FLEX AT MID FLEX AT TIPS 2013 PRODUCT Catalog For those looking for a more wallet friendly, do-it–all boat & cable board, the Fremont is for you. Inspired by Sean O’Brien’s pro model Paradigm flex board, we captured the essence of all that makes a good flex board, focusing on cost effective measures to make sure the price is right. Featuring the same featureless bottom and durable removable Blunt fins, the Fremont is stable for the intermediate but suitable for the pro level rider...

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2013 O'Brien Catalog - 16

BOARD LENGTH WIDTH ROCKER STANCE EDGE PROFILE WEIGHT LIMIT FIN SET-UP DECADE 134 DECADE 139 DECADE 144 134cm / 52.8” 139cm / 54.7” 144cm / 56.7” 43.5cm / 17.14” 43.9cm / 17.3” 44.5cm / 17.5” 2.46 3-stage 2.63 3-stage 2.84 3-stage 21 23 25 22 24 26 23 25 27 Roll/Sharp Roll/Sharp Roll/Sharp 90 lbs-170 lbs 140 lbs-220 lbs 170 lbs-250 lbs Flank 1.1 Flank 1.1 Flank 1.1 DECADE SIZES : 134cm, 139cm, 144cm The Decade features an Amplified Rolled Rail (A.R.R.) through the midsection that provides a true freeride edge response and performance that can only be described as “buttery smooth”. The A.R.R....

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