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Operating Manual

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A complete racing system derived from the NS legacy, the NS3BO POCKETve includes a GPS speedo, 9 axis gyro-compensated magnetic compass, race timer, distance to the start line and all other essential and advanced race functions. The new V2 version has an upgraded button panel and an LCD mounted on a soft silicon pad to withstand the toughest environment. It features also a Bluetooth communication transceiver offering a wide range of functions and applications: • Record up to 1092 hours of racing (1 point / 30 seconds) • Replay on Google Earth and other navigational software • Computer...

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The mounting location should be as far as possible from any magnetic objects to avoid any interference with the magnetic compass sensor. The NS360 ROCKETve should be mounted close to the vertical and horizontal planes. Note: Wherever you mount the NS360 POCKETva; it shouldn’t be flush to any thick surface such as the hull, so that the sensitivity of the embedded GPS receiver is not affected. Note: If your NS360 POCKETvaisn’t facing the same direction as the boat, you can compensate this difference in the parameter tab of the "NS360 Pocket V2 Wireless Manager" PC software.

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 5

Controls and display description Sub-mode Battery level Timer Upper line screen Upper line mode selection Sub-mode selection both lines Lower line screen Safety leash to pass through this hole Lower line mode selection Mode Active line Modes and sub-modes Timer: Speed:  Hi: High sensitivity  Med: Medium sensitivity  Lo: Low sensitivity  MAX: Maximum speed  TRP: Total distance Velocity made good: Magnetic Heading:  Hi: High sensitivity  Med: Medium sensitivity  Low: Low sensitivity  GPS: GPS based  ROL: Roll angle indicator Start Line Distance: Waypoints:  W00 to W99: Waypoint 0...

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 6

Operations Switching power on and off  Make sure the battery is installed with the correct polarity and has enough remaining power (positive pole inserted first). Press and hold the lower for more than 4 seconds until the screen displays OFF and the sequence “3”, “2”, “1” is finished. The device will turn off automatically when it remains in the horizontal position for more than 3 minutes. Upon switching on, the remaining memory time for the data logger is displayed for 5 seconds. This ’GPS LOG’ time is given in hours as shown below. The embedded firmware version number is displayed on the...

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 7

liquid should get into the battery compartment otherwise this may cause internal damage. The 2 springs for the +/- battery contacts can be removed/cleaned as well as the bottom of the battery compartment with a small piece of cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. Note: Rinse with fresh water, do not use corrosive products. Especially any oetroleum/mineral based product will damage permanently the plastics and rubber parts (the warranty will be void). For example never use (non exhaustive list): white spirit, acetone, any spray or liquid contact cleaner, grease remover, do never spray any...

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 8

• To turn off the backlight, press and hold the upper (mode) for more than 1 second until the icon ^ disappears from the screen. Note: When you press and hold the upper (mode) button to switch on/off the backlight, you will not make any mode selection. Activate a line, Switching modes and sub-modes • A line is ’ACTIVE’ when the icon appears inside. To activate a line, you need to push (mode) once in front of the chosen line. The icon appears. • After activiting a line, choose the mode and sub-mode required on the ’ACTIVE’ line by pushing (mode) and then the arrows < and > for the submode...

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 9

This mode provides the speed over ground of the boat as measured by the GPS receiver. The sub-modes provide several speed resolutions, the trip distance and the maximum speed. The boat speed is displayed in knots (kts) with an accuracy of 0.1 knots. The minimum speed is 0.5 knots. • Use the arrows < and > to scroll the sub-modes. Speed sub-modes • Hi: High sensitivity The high sensitivity speed allows a very sensitive reading of any speed variation. • Med: Medium sensitivity This sub-mode provides an average speed of the boat over a short period of time. This is particularly useful when...

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 10

Operations To reset the maximum speed or trip distance:    Select the maximum speed or the trip distance in the sub-mode Tilt the device 90 degrees to the right or left for more than 3 seconds The selected sub-mode is reset Velocity made good mode: VMG This mode provides the projected speed of the boat on the reference (wind) direction. The VMG is shown in knots (kts). To set and adjust the wind direction in VMG mode  You can adjust the wind direction reference with the arrows Note: The VMG speed sensitivity is adjusted (High/Med/Low) by using the sensitivity of the speed in SPE mode on...

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 11

To win races you need to react to the smallest wind shifts. The N5360 ROCKETve digital compass delivers precise and reliable heading information to help you to tack and jibe at the most suitable times. The sensitivity of the compass can easily be adjusted to High, Medium or Low by scrolling through the sub-modes. • Use the arrows [<J and (> to scroll the sub-modes Sub-modes of the Magnetic Heading compass: • Hi: High sensitivity When sailing with light winds and flat seas, high sensitivity allows you to appreciate very small wind variation. • Med: Medium sensitivity Medium sensitivity is...

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NS360 Pocket V2 operating manual - 12

• ROL: Roll angle indicator mode Used in Roll angle indicator (ROL) mode, the NS360 POCKETV£ displays the roll angle of the boat. Note: The roll angle displayed is based on the N5360 POCKETveroll angle. TIMER mode: TIM This mode offers a 5-minute countdown timer which can be synchronized to 4/3/2 and 1 minutes. Start and stop the TIMER: • Press 0 to start the timer countdown at the last synchronized minute (5/4/ 3/2 or 1 minute) • Press and hold 0 to stop the timer and reset to the last synchronized minute Synchronize the TIMER: • In any mode press 0 will display the timer on the upper line...

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