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Operating Manual

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The NS-START has been designed to provide essential information with a very simple and user friendly interface. Speed, heading, timer, start line distance and GPS coordinates functions are all accessible at the push of a button and clearly displayed on the backlit LCD, ideal for night sailing and enhanced safety. This new version offers better speed accuracy, a new more robust casing and a wireless communication transceiver with a range of new functions:    Record up to 400 hours of racing (1 point / 10 seconds) Replay on Google Earth and other navigational software Updates with new...

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Wherever you mount the NS-START, it shouldn’t be flush to any thick surface such as the hull, so that the sensitivity of the embedded GPS receiver is not affected. Also a direct mount on a metal surface will reduce the receiver sensitivity. Operating Manual

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Controls and display description Buttons & display Backlight Battery level Timer Start/stop the NS-START Backlight ON/OFF Switch Mode Upper line Lower line Screens and modes The NS-START has 2 modes of operation: the RUN screen and the START screen. Switching screens is made by pressing the button Run Screen Speed Over Ground: Compass Over Ground: Start Screen Timer: Start Line Distance: The GPS coordinates can be displayed by pressing the keys simultaneously. Current GPS coordinates NS-START Operating Manual Latitude Longitude

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Operations Switching power on and off  Make sure the battery is installed with the correct polarity and has enough remaining power (positive pole inserted first) Press and hold for more than 4 seconds until the screen displays OFF and the sequence “3”, “2”, “1” is finished. A beep will be emitted when the device turns off to start the device. A beep will be emitted The device will turn off automatically when it cannot receive any GPS signal for 20 minutes. A beep will be emitted 3 seconds before it turns off. During the power up, the remaining time for the data logger is displayed for 5...

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NS-START operating manual - 7

is displayed button 0 second until Note : Until enough satellites are locked, the NS-START is not ready to use. For all modes requiring the GPS data, the screen will display ”—” until it is ready. If the number of satellites is low, the display will blink. Note : Alkaline batteries should be used in order to result in a maximum lifespan of more than 30 hours. When using a disposable battery, it is also recommended to remove it if the device is not used for a prolonged period of time (in order to avoid a possible leakage inside the battery compartment). If using rechargeable batteries, low...

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NS-START operating manual - 8

TIMER, Upper Line : This mode offers a 5 minutes countdown timer, which can be synchronized to 5, 4 and 1 minutes. When counting down, a short beep sounds: • each minute until the last minute • each ten seconds until 10 seconds • each second until the start time ’0:00’ At the start time: • a long beep sounds • the timer starts counting the race duration in minutes and hours To synchronize the TIMER when it is stopped: • Long press © to synchronize to 5, 4 or 1 minutes (starting time). To start the TIMER: • Short press © to start the timer from the value previously set. To synchronize the...

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Note: When the down counter reaches ’0:00’, the timer and the start line distance will switch automatically to the run screen (speed and compass). Start Line Distance (SLD), lower line : knowing the exact distance in meters to the start line gives a huge advantage in helping you start ahead of the fleet and win the race. The boat offset parameter allows you to set the distance from the bow to the line. The resolution of the distance to the line is 1 meter. The maximum distance is 999 meters. The start line consists of 2 points which have to be aligned with the start line: • Ci : Commitee...

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NS-START operating manual - 10

Operations Note : If the start line is modified by the committee, you may be required to reenter one or both reference points. Note : The distance from the front of the boat to the NS-START can be defined in the SET mode. GPS Data Logger A GPS data logger is embedded in the NS-START allowing you to download all your sailing data to your computer using the NS-START Wireless Manager software. Upon setting the GPS data logger start parameter, the logger will start recording as soon as enough satellites are locked or when the timer reaches 0:00’. The reccording interval can also be set using...

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The SET mode allows the adjustment of your NS-START parameters sequentially as follows : • Speed sensitivity • GPS heading sensitivity • Boat offset • GPS logger interval • GPS logger start condition • Screen contrast To enter the SET mode : • Your device must be switched OFF. • Press first A then 0 simultaneously. The device will enter the setup menu: SET will be displayed on the upper line • Each parameter is displayed on the lower line. The required value is adjusted by the button 0 . • The parameter is memorized when you press and hold the button 0 . • The SET mode is exited...

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The NS-START will automatically exit the SET mode upon completion of all parameters. Note: You can also exit the SET mode any time by restarting the device. Speed Over Ground sensitivity: SPE • Hi: High sensitivity The high sensitivity setting allows a very sensitive reading of any speed variation. • Med: Medium sensitivity This sub-mode provides an average speed of the boat over a short period of time. This is particularly useful when sailing with big waves upwind or downwind. NS-START Operating Manual

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• Lo: Low sensitivity This sub-mode provides an average speed of the boat over a longer period of time. This is particularly useful in rough conditions with lots of speed changes. GPS Heading sensitivity: COG • Hi: High sensitivity When sailing with light winds and flat seas, high sensitivity allows you to appreciate very small wind variations. • Med: Medium sensitivity Medium sensitivity is more suitable for race boats under medium wind and sea conditions. Dinghy racers will appreciate this mode. • Lo: Low sensitivity Under low sensitivity more subtle variations due to big waves and sudden...

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