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RT6 Freezer kit may be mounted vertical or horizontal. Internal volume .54 cu.ft. (15.3 liters) 14” (356mm) long x 6.75” (172mm) high x 11” (279mm) deep The LT201 series of units and plates are designed with ease of installation built into each component. The refrigeration kits are simple by design, with less moving parts than most other refrigeration systems. Pick a cooling plate kit to fit your application, and add the compressorized cooling unit to complete the installation. All kits include a thermostat, and pre charged refrigeration lines, plus an assortment of mounting hardware. Just add power and let the cooling begin Great for Freezers, Refrigerators and Fridge, Freezer box combinations RT4 Freezer box 10.5” (267mm) long x 12.5” (317) high x 6.5” (165mm) wide R26 Plate kit, for a small and tight installation 10” (254mm) long x 3” (78mm) high x 11” (279mm) wide LT201 cooling unit FL & FM Plate kit these two plates are designed so you can bend them to fit your application. FL Dimensions: 36” (914mm) x 15” (381mm) FM Dimension: 32” (813mm) x 11.5” (292mm) 7 1/2” (191mm) Height 9” (229mm) Wide 11” (279mm) Depth 12-24 VDC Variable speed to match the load. High capacity air cooled, designed for hot & tropical applications. No need for additional water pumps and relays. Standard pre charged line kit 12 ft (3.66M) . Reusable couplings between cooling unit and plates. All plate kits are available with the optional FLEX Line evaporators. If your installation is over stringers, around bulkhead, through cupboards (far from straight) Take a look at the line that can be flexed unlimitedly F2300 TL2500 NOVAKOOLER55 1.9 cu.ft. (54 liters) volume Cut Out 20 5/8” (524mm) Height 15 5/8” (397mm) Width 17 3/4” (450mm) Depth 2.1 cu.ft. (59 liters) volume Cut Out 28 3/8” (721mm) Height 16 3/4” (425mm) Width 14” (356mm) Depth 2.5 cu.ft. (70 liters) volume Cut Out 20 1/4” (514 mm) Length 18” (457mm) Width 18 3/4-27” (476-686mm) Height 1.94 CU.FT (55 liters) volume Dimensions 24” (609mm) Height 26” (660mm) Width 19” (483mm) Depth Base can be removed to lower height F2600 F3800 F5810 2.4 cu.ft. (68 liters) volume Cut Out 20 1/4” (514mm) Height 18” (457mm) Width 19 1/2” (495mm) Depth 3.5 cu.ft. (100 liters) volume Cut Out 28 3/8” (721mm) Height 20 1/4” (514mm) Width 18” (457 mm) Depth 5.8 cu.ft. (162 liters) volume Cut Out 31 3/4” (806mm) Height 23 1/8” (587mm) Width 23 3/4” (603mm) Depth SINGLE DOOR FREEZERS F1900 LT201 SERIES OF ICE BOX CONVERSION F Plate kit, available in 1, 2 or our most efficient 3 plate design 16” (406mm) x 10” (254mm) Plates can be separated up to 18”(457mm) apart.

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