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JYN-57 MKI Davit Launching Lifeboat


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JYN-57 MKI Davit Launching Lifeboat TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION VIKING Norsafe Life-Saving Equipment Norway AS Tybakken 90, N-4818 Faervik P.O. Box 115, N-4852 Faervik Arendal, Norway VIKING Project No.: TBA

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1. REGULATION AND CERTIFICATION Applicable rules and regulations Certificate Other certificate In accordance with IMO/ SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and European Council Directive 2014/90/EU on Marine Equipment (MED) MED Class certificate or flag acceptance on request 2. BOAT SPECIFICATION 2.1. GENERAL BOAT Type Model Length overall (on fender) Length of hull Beam Height Hook distance Hook height aft & forward Capacity, SOLAS maximum Weight, fully equipped Davit load, with 26 pers@82,5 kg External Color Internal Color Operation temperature: Hull/deck material Buoyancy material Windows...

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Compressed air system (tank ver.) Under/overpressure valves Loose equipment 3 x 45 liter air bottles, air regulator and high pressure hoses Automatic spring loaded on canopy According to SOLAS Totally Enclosed Lifeboat (TELB) designed and manufactured according to latest SOLAS requirements. The lifeboat provides a secure and protected means of escape for persons onboard vessels or platforms. The lifeboat is for launch and retrieval by a suitable davit. Design and construction fulfil the need for reliable, low maintenance standby and operation. The space between hull and hull liner, and...

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JYN-57 MKI Davit Launching Lifeboat - 4

Exhaust system Dry exhaust with water lock to prevent water ingress Fuel tank 161 L, Seawater resistant aluminum Fuel valves Shut off on top of fuel tank & tank drain Typical data – subject to variation in engine installation and specified equipment. Engines of at least 20,6kW can be installed. Please note that boat weight and bollard pull are only for reference and may vary with several factors. 2.3. LIFTING/RELEASE SYSTEM Release system Release hooks Release hooks, release handle unit, hydrostat and cables Tor Mk2-S 2.4. ELECTRIC SYSTEM AND NAVIGATION Electric power supply to boat...

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Compressed air system drawing Lifting arrangement drawing Skate/pin lashing drawing SOLAS loose equipment list Preservation & storage procedure Norsafe standard (tank version only) Norsafe standard Norsafe standard Norsafe standard Norsafe standard Secured in transport cradle 4. OPTIONS Note: Some options influence weight and performance, some option combinations may be incompatible. Maximum certified weight must not be exceeded. ☒ marking means to be supplied by maker, ☐ marking means not supplied by maker. GENERAL BOAT Spare parts for 2 years, 5 years or 10 years Seat padding Sprinkler...

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ELECTRIC SYSTEM AND NAVIGATION AIS system Ex plug for ext. power supply Ex cover over marking light Bilge water detector in engine room Crew finder Echo sounder Cabin heater Engine heater Fire detector in engine room LED illumination in engine room, inst. panel or cabin Loose el. cable for ext. power supply Electrical system according to NMD requirements Factory acceptance test procedure Factory acceptance test report Inspection and test plan Shipping, handling and lifting procedure Packing & unpacking procedure Commissioning procedure TAG list Fuel system drawing Steering system drawing...

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5. POSSIBLE DAVIT SOLUTIONS The VIKING Nor E-65 C-65 6. YARD SUPPLY / RESPONSIBILITY Transport Fuel Installation of 42VAC Supply cable Testing according to regulation after installation onboard Preservation and maintenance after boat arrived yard and installed Depending on contract Marine diesel oil according to engine manual specification From starter cabinet to lifeboat supply plug VIKING Project No.: TBA Rev. Date: 12.08.2019

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