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Put nke on your team for race wining performance. nke, sailing electronics that make a difference! d highar displays an Versatile, cle ke, sensors from n resolution the sed the test of ar that has pas high tech ge extreme performance in d sea, guarantee conditions

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A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 single multifunction at the base of the mast displays all the data TL 25 multifunction alu mast mount bracket wired remote control mastead unit with cable log paddlewheel sensor depth sensor compass sensor REGATTA COMPASS HR REGATTA PACK REGATTA PACK Three-axis gyro stabilized High Resolution sensors 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 TL 25 multifunctions wired remote control fiber mount bracket for 2 TL25 carbowind with avionic cable ultrasonic speedo sensor regatta compass with interface depth sensor HR CARBOWIND Accurate and responsive Measures wind angle to the degree. - Delivers excellent...

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The only partner you need for single handed racing or efficient cruising Unprecedented performance, unequaled value! On-board rate gyro for an optimal direction The Gyropilot 2 has a built in rate gyro for optimal directional stability. When your pilot knows how fast the boat is turning it reacts quickly, like you, to changing conditions. ,. r 0f the last »o most pre*^ How do you make the best even better? I» The True Wind angle and SOG option for downwind performance sailing. The boat sails straight without the performance robbing and dangerous characteristics found in systems relying on...

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