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© Christophe Breschi / GDF SUEZ For 30 years nke has been developing innovative instrument systems dedicated to navigation and performance. Whatever your program, should it be racing or cruising, solo or crewed, nke instruments are designed to answer all your needs at every level. Performance, accuracy and simple, intuitive operation are always kept in mind by our development team to achieve the best information and performance. Nke is the best choice you can make for your boat and will result in a smart and advanced system with options to upgrade through our service partners network...

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Performance & Innovation Comfort & Safety Top sailors choose nke because our instrument systems are made with the most advanced technologies available. They know that our innovative R&D team is quick to determine how new technologies can bring performance benefits to our products. Once assessed as beneficial they are tested and incorporated keeping nke instruments out in front. nke instruments are user-friendly and offer unique benefits in terms of functionality and versatility. Each device has been designed to make sailing easy and safe for the helmsman and crew. Nke systems are sea...

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Sensors, multifunction displays, autopilots, processors… all products across the nke range combine to bring the essential information for your navigation Accurate and instantaneous data Easy to use, waterproof, they fit in the cockpit as well as below deck. A single multifunction display can manage the whole system and can display up to 70 channels Michel Desjoyeaux the most rewarded single handed sailor. Nke partner for over 30 years Standard functions : « Working with the nke team, I enhance my own performances and they improve the reliability of their instruments » > Data carried by the...

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From standard digital sensors up to High resolution ones, nke offer a wide range of solutions for all your requirements. Masthead units nke invests in Research and Development for their wind sensors. Two main areas of focus for this work are: > continued improvements in response to increase sensitivity > continued improvements in resolution and accuracy High Resolution wind sensor placed 1.10 m above the mast-head to avoid perturbations from the main-sail 9 axis gyro-stabilised compass for responsiveness and precision. The reliability of no moving part is added to a dynamic accuracy of 2°...

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Cruising Pack You can rely on your autopilot in any circumstances. Gyropilot ensures you enjoy the full pleasure of cruising navigation whatever the weather conditions. Our cruising system is built around the autopilot to bring the best comfort and safety. The gyrometer integrated in the gyropilot’s processor ensures quick response and course stability. Comfort: the gyropilot is constantly steering with precision course keeping in all sea conditions. Optimum safety: our autopilot has been proven whilst steering Vendee Globe boats for 95% of the race even in the roughest conditions. A must...

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Cruising Pack content Gyropilot Graphic (Option) Wireless autopilot remote control Fluxgate compass nke offers a range of hydraulic rams which can be matched to the rudder size and expected boat speed. This system is robust and has been adapted to minimise friction when not in use. Energy consumption has been reduced by an ‘on/off’ clutch solution. A compact and responsive installation with a short tiller arm can be achieved with hydraulic rams! > MECHANICAL RAM - For boat length less than 30 feet - Very low power consumption Mul tigraphic Additional options One single display to manage the...

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It is essential for you to get the most valuable information and accurate performance data to feed your tactical decision process. The sensors we have developed with your needs in mind are accurate, reliable and repeatable. The HR (High Resolution) sensors allow wind data processing at 25 Hz when associated to the Regatta Processor. This is real time true wind data! CARBOWIND HR This sensor is mounted on a carbon arm, more than a meter long, to position it above the effects on readings from the sails. It features high resolution electronics (0.1° and 0.1 nœuds). True Wind Tables are stored...

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Regatta Pack Includes the 4 key sensors and a mast mounted display. All you need to get wind and performance data. Wired multifunction remote control Wired multifunction remote control Fluxgate compass Wired multifunction remote control Fluxgate compass Wired multifunction remote control Wired multifunction remote control Wired multifunction remote control Fluxgate compass Fluxgate compass Regatta Pack Fluxgate compass HRFluxgate compass This pack is a step forward with the HR mast head unit, the Regatta compass and the Ultrasonic speed sensor. These high resolution sensors provide accurate...

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The Gyropilot was developed by nke in 1995. This was the first autopilot for sailboats featuring a gyro meter. This innovation combined with the nke sensors allowed autopilots to steer the boats downwind, under spinnaker. This autopilot is an essential piece of equipment as used and proven by VENDEE GLOBE skippers in a race where pilots steer the boats 90% of the time. Mini, Class 40 and IRC boat skippers have also made their choice for our pilots. 100% of the Figaro Class boats are fitted with a nke autopilot The combination of the Gyropilot and nke sensors is essential to optimise the...

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Race Pack Get the performance level required for racing at an affordable price. This means an autopilot that steers in true wind mode to follow wind shifts and reach as much as possible 100% performance. Multigraphic (Option) Wireless autopilot remote control Fluxgate compass Race Pack Multigraphic This pack includes the High resolution sensors (HR). They provide the accuracy and response required for a performance autopilot. (Option) Wireless autopilot remote control Multigraphic Multigraphic Fluxgate compass (Option) Wireless autopilot remote control (Option) Wireless HF autopilot remote...

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