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TH E TI I G R O U P YOUR POWERFUL GLOBAL PARTNER The TII Group moves the world: Seventy percent of all transports over 3,000 tons and ninety percent of all transports over 5,000 tons are performed using vehicles by the TII Group. With its brands SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG and TIIGER the group of companies has production sites in Germany, France and India as well as a production cooperation in North America (Florida). It assists and advises its customers with a globally active sales and service organization. Heavy-duty vehicles by the TII Group transport entire industrial plants, ships,...

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TII GROUP AT A GLANCE PRODUCTS AND MARKETS As a full-range supplier, the TII Group offers a wide range of vehicles to move loads of all kinds, from the modular, self-propelled transporter (SPMT) to transport loads of 15,000 tons and more all the way to vehicles for stock handling in yard logistics.

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HIGHWAY TRAILER FAMILY THE SUPER-LIGHTWEIGHT TRAILER SERIES The SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer is a super-lightweight trailer ideally suited for the North American market. The special design of the central middle frame provides the trailer with a very high degree of stability and load-bearing capacity in spite of the lightweight construction. The SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer is available as semi-trailer as well as in a modular design (HighwayTrailer MES). The HighwayTrailer is equipped with a fully hydraulic suspension and is also available in various telescopic versions. HighwayTrailer extended with...

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North America - 9

HighwayTrailer MES: Modular trailer system; can be combined with decks, spacers, etc. / Transportation on public roads TELESCOPIC VERSIONS / Full hydraulic suspension / Lowest dead weight in its class / Low deck height / Technical payload of up to 285,500 Ibs (129.5 t) / Loading length ~  00´ (30.50 m) – semit-trailer 2T9 1 / Conforms to most US and Canadian transport road regulations / Hydraulic gooseneck compensation with 5th wheel load adjustment / For concentrated and long loads / Low bed deck, telescopic spacers, etc.

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North America - 10

HIGHWAYGIANT INNOVATIVE MODULAR DUAL-LANE TRAILER CONCEPT With the development of HighwayGiant dual-lane trailer, SCHEUERLE has raised dual-lane technology to a completely new level. A special feature on the HighwayGiant, among other things, is the integrated folding mechanism which allows the complete trailer to be transported in a folded state on standard semi-trailers. Thus, inexpensive approval-free empty runs can be carried out resulting in huge cost-savings – regardless whether it is delivery to or returning from a transport assignment. Due to its low tare weight the HighwayGiant...

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North America - 11

/ Transportation on public roads / 176,000 lbs - 551,000 lbs (80 t - 250 t) HighwayGiant with drop deck HighwayGiant PowerBooster / 3-axle module for shorter, better balanced and cost-efficient combination / Time- and cost-saving transport and mobilization due to integrated folding mechanism / Foldable modules can be transported on regular flat bed trucks / Hydraulically adjustable width 16´ – 18´ – 20´ / Lowest deck hight / Width adjustable in loaded condition / Highest cylinder stroke in its class: 28.3´´ (720 mm) / Gooseneck with infinite 5th wheel load adjustment for full use of tractor...

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North America - 12

K25 & INTERCOMBI MODUL AR TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS FOR ALL PURPOSES Self-Propelled, mechanically steered The K25 and InterCombi series are also available as self-propelled modular transporters to be used in configuration with the standard trailers. Powerful PPUs enable great drive, lift and lower performance as well as precise steering. The SP (Self-Propelled) modules open up a wide range of heavy transportation for standard trailers. Self-Propelled, electronically steered The electronic steering systems of the K25 and InterCombi provide with a steering angle of ± 140° extreme maneuverability...

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North America - 13

InterCombi PowerBooster K25 PowerBooster AREAS OF USE / On-site / on public roads PAYLOAD RANGE / Unlimited due to modular design AVAILABLE MODULES / Standard platform trailer / SL (Split Type) / ES (Extra Strong) / PB (PowerBooster) / SP (Self-Propelled) / SPE (Self-Propelled, Electronically Steered) / CA (Canada Version) ADVANTAGES / Steering angle of ± 60° (± 140° for SPE) / Highest oil volume in its class (K25) / Freely accessible track rods / Special lashing rings for optimal cargo securing / Wear-resistant design / Strong vehicle construction with extreme manoeuvrability / For...

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North America - 14

1. Assist mode on transportation routes with gradients: As soon as a tractor has no sufficient power to manage the incline, i.e. the speed drops below 9 mph (14 km/h), the driving gear starts automatically, thus providing sufficient thrust. 3. For in-plant transports: For in-house transports, the drive unit with PPU can be controlled via remote control. Self-propelled with additional trailer 5. Mechanical “end-to-end” coupling: The PowerBooster can be used as a traction unit at the front or as a thrust machine at the rear part of extremely long combinations. Self-propelled with up to 4...

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North America - 15

/ On-site / on public roads, global PAYLOAD RANGE / Unlimited due to modular design AVAILABLE MODULES / SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 PB / SCHEUERLE InterCombi PB / SCHEUERLE WideCombi PB / SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant PB / KAMAG PTL Offroad PB ADVANTAGES / PB-vehicles can be towed up to 50 mph (80 km/h) / Once arrived at its destination, the vehicle can be operated as a self-propelled modular transporter / Additional thrust can save an additional tractor during operation / PB-vehicle modules can be coupled into bigger vehicle compounds

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North America - 16

SHT THE STANDARD AROUND THE WORLD SHT Technology – reliability on wheels SHT transporters made by the TII Group have revolutionized the transportation of individual sections to completed ships in the shipbuilding industry. Extreme loads of 1,000 tons and more can be moved using only one vehicle. By combining several vehicles to one large unit, extreme loads of up to 15,000 tons and more can be transported. Precise steering and a hydraulic drive unit that allows accurate positioning and powerful lifting hydraulics make the vehicles an indispensable piece of equipment for ensuring...

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