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TH E TI I G R O U P YOUR POWERFUL GLOBAL PARTNER The TII Group moves the world: Seventy percent of all transports over 3,000 tons and ninety percent of all transports over 5,000 tons are performed using vehicles by the TII Group. With its brands SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG and TRATEC, the group of companies has production sites in Germany, France and India as well as a production cooperation in North America (Florida). It assists and advises its customers with a globally active sales and service organization. Heavy-duty vehicles by the TII Group transport entire industrial plants, ships,...

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TII GROUP AT A GLANCE PRODUCTS AND MARKETS As a full-range supplier, the TII Group offers a wide range of vehicles to move loads of all kinds, from the modular, self-propelled transporter (SPMT) to transport loads of 15,000 tons and more all the way to vehicles for stock handling in yard logistics.

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SELF- PROPELLED MODULAR TRANSPORTERS OVERVIEW SCHEUERLE SPMT FULL RANGE SELF-PROPELLED VEHICLES Full Range Self-propelled Vehicles ________ 48 Model types & accessories____ 12 Model types & accessories____ 32 SCHEUERLE InterCombi SP/SPE ________ 52 NICOLAS Modular Lift Master ____________ 58 Power Pack Units ___________ 46 SPMT Light ________________ 26 Power Pack Units ___________ 28

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SELF- PROPELLED MODULAR TRANSPORTERS EFFICIENT, RELIABLE, VERSATILE In the second half of the 20th century, a trend began that would forever change the entire transportation industry. With the first self-propelled transport modules used in shipbuilding and the SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) invented by SCHEUERLE in the nineteen-eighties, the potential payloads suddenly increased and are basically unlimited today. Today, seventy percent of all transports over 3,000 tons and ninety percent of all transports over 5,000 tons are performed on modular, self-propelled vehicles by the...

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SCHEUERLE SPMT PLANNING CERTAINTY AND PROCESS RELIABILITY WORLDWIDE In 1983, SCHEUERLE – today part of the TII Group – developed a vehicle that would fundamentally revolutionize the heavy haulage sector. The SCHEUERLE SPMT in container dimension (2.43 m) found its way into the industry and changed more than just the way loads are transported. The production concepts for the modular construction of industrial plants, conveyor systems or infrastructure projects were reinvented for the future. Today, modules can weigh up to 15,000 tons; the sky is the limit. They can be handled by using SPMT....

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SCHEUERLE SPMT MODEL T YPES AND BASIC ACCESSORIES YOUR MODULAR SYSTEM FOR PROFITABLE HEAVY-DUTY TRANSPORT Combination SPMT + 2x SPMT Split Type + PPU Modular bogie unit SPMT with 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 axles Modular bogie unit SPMT with 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 axles 2 modular bogie units SPMT Split Type Length SPMT Telescopic Widening System “3-file” – three adjacent split files Scissor Widening System Hydraulic tubes Modular bogie unit SPMT + 1 file unlimited extendable Length SPMT * Vehicle length - 330 mm = length of loading area Tilting device Load distributor

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Mechanically coupled “end-to-end” 2 modular bogie units PPU Z180 / Z390 Mechanically coupled in large combinations Open compound: The alternative to mechanical couplingV-combination

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SCHEUERLE SPMT SK Y IS THE LIMIT TRANSPORT ANY PAYLOAD WITH THE SCHEUERLE SPMT *with 60 t axle load and Polyfill tires, minus dead weight and PPU

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SCHEUERLE SPMT A XLE LOAD VARIABLE AXLE LOADS, PERFECTLY ADAPTABLE TO LOAD AND SURFACE / 40 t axle load with pneumatic tires / 48 t axle load with pneumatic tires / 48 t axle load with polyfill tires / 60 t axle load with polyfill tires / Lower dead weight / Economic / Increased self-damping / Lower ground pressure / Increased failure safety / Higher axle load possible / More tip-resistant due to increased tire rigidity *minus dead weigh

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SCHEUERLE SPMT PRECISION-POSITIONING - MECHANICALLY COUPLED OR AS AN OPEN COMBINATION The sophisticated steering technology of the SPMT by the TII Group allows precision-positioning of the heaviest of loads. The individual module transporters can be coupled in any combination, either mechanically or in open combinations. The steering technology guarantees the synchronized control of all module transporters integrated in the coupling mode. Electronic all-wheel steering makes the module transporters extremely maneuverable. This makes them suitable to transport almost any load and provides...

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SCHEUERLE SPMT SPMT SL (split type) If two SPMT are too wide and one is too narrow for any given load, the SPMT SL can provide the solution to the problem. The SPMT SL (split type) can be divided in the middle and connected to create the so-called 3-file combinations. SPMT SL with widening system When flexible width is needed for higher tilting stability or fast changing loads with different sizes the SPMT Widening Solutions are the answer. Available as scissor or telescopic type the SPMT Widening Solutions offer flexible vehicle solutions that can be changed in minutes. SPMT ES With its...

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SCHEUERLE SPMT ACCESSORIES THE RIGHT TOOL FOR ANY APPLICATION Swivel bolsters Swivel bolsters with payloads of 150 to 600 tons allow the transport of self-supporting long loads. Vehicle lighting The optionally available vehicle lighting system is mounted directly above the axles, provides increased safety and facilitates maintenance. Driver’s cabin In particular high-speed vehicles such as the SPMT F are often equipped with a driver’s cabin. Remote control Wireless or cable remote controls with an ergonomic design facilitate precise control of the vehicles. Spacers Spacers are used to...

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SCHEUERLE SPMT SPMT LIGHT THE COMPACT TYPE / On-site, global Compact allrounder – electric- or diesel-hydraulic drive The SCHEUERLE SPMT Light with two or four axles is a compact allrounder, guaranteeing full flexibility for smaller transportation tasks, e. g. in production halls. Payloads of up to 86 / 176 tons are possible with two or four axles. Naturally, the SPMT Light also offers the known benefits of the conventional SCHEUERLE SPMT, such as the robust design of the chassis and the electronic multi-directional steering complete with all known steering programs. Fixing points on the...

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