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TECHNICAL DATA NAVYGUARD 12Vdc Keeps the supply voltage of the electronic equipments on board during the starting phases or launching strong consumption and prevents their shut down or their reset. Deposited PATENT NAVYLEC Protect the electronics components and improves their lifetime engine starting, using an electric Prevent the shutdown and the reset Operating condition indicators Prevent the loss of memory or consumer implementing could use a strong electrical current. These equipments are able to make a voltage On an electrical supply network, a more or less important voltage drop can stop operation temporarily, drop on the electrical circuit.  The power supply NAVYGUARD allows using make loose the memory, or freeze the use of electronics components connected on a common electric circuit. equipment even if the battery voltage falls down to 7Vdc. Before the voltage of an electrical supply network goes to the minimum of the equipment’s voltage input, the safeguard NAVYGUARD Sounders, Navigation screen, etc. It is also appropriate like protection for the electronic equipment terminals a minimal voltage which avoids its “shutdown”, its “freeze” or its “reset”. Advised to protect the power supply of GPS, Its compact size (105x92x26mm) authorizes an easy installation near the equipment to be The NAVYGUARD NAVYLEC is particularly intended to connected on an electric circuit 12V if a starter of thermal engine, a compressor or any other electric LLOYD’S REGISTER QUALITY

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NL927-001 - 2

TECHNICAL DATA (&} THE OPTIMUM POWER ON BOARD Operating mode ® Connected to your electric switchboard, your NAVYGUARD will safeguard automatically, in 12Vdc, all equipments which are connected on it (within the limit of its characteristics). LEDs present on the front cover make it possible to check the good electric connection of the installation and signal all activation of the NAVYGUARD® power supply. 3 - MEASUREMENTS mm [in]

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NL927-001 - 3

TECHNICAL DATA Battery normal voltage Large load connected 4 – ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM 12,65Vdc NAVYGUARD ON 10,55Vdc 10,55Vdc Electronic connected no break 7Vdc Battery voltage fall NAVYGUARD fixed by velcro NAVYGUARD protecting navigation equipment

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NL927-001 - 4

TECHNICAL DATA NAVYGUARD code : prevention of voltage drop ISO 9001 certified - NAVYLEC® an ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE brand – FRANCE INPUT SPECIFICATIONS Nominal voltage input Input voltage range, no defects OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS Voltage support On low battery voltage LED orange Nominal output voltage Galvanic insulation SPECIFICATIONS Humidity rate in mode on Consumption no load connected short-circuit /overload /reverse polarity/ too low voltage input 7Vdc Security signal overload and reverse polarity : 2 LEDs Red MECANICAL Electrical terminals AMP terminals polarised + / - in and out...

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