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TECHNICAL DATA THE OPTIMUM POWER ON BOARD ATC FUSE/SWITCH PANELS Switchboard ATC fuse holder Functions labels Circuit LEDs status Faston connectors Aluminium front panel & Anticorrosion treatment & Panels from 1 to 8 ways £ 12 or 24Vdc & Caliber of snap fuses up to 10A & Single pole & Compact size The range of electric switchboard, fuse holder based, ensures an easy distribution of the service circuit in 12 or 24V, secure and flexible depending on the number of output to protect. The use of fuse plug is widespread and it’s easy to change the size of the protection, without disassembly, by the front panel. 1- PRESENTATION * Using voltage in 12 or 24Vdc. * Front panel in aluminium, black epoxy paint protected, white and yellow serigraphy NAVYLEC. A Distribution circuit, snap fuses protected, interchangeable, maximum size 10A by way. £ Printed circuit varnish protected. £ Easy Connection by faston connectors Input / Output. £ Switch On/Off by way with serigraphy 0/1. A Green LED for monitoring the circuit status in operation or not and the fuse state. A Each way has a window that can receive standard labels for the names of customizable functions or on the web site

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NL101-001 - 2

TECHNICAL DATA THE OPTIMUM POWER ON BOARD 3- OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Once the electric switchboard is connected to the battery: £ By the switch rocker, On:1 / Off:0, the circuit is powered or is shut. £ The fuses provide, depending on their size, a protection of connected devices, in case of overload - or short-circuit, they cut the circuit. £ The green LED indicates power on the circuit, if it is turned off while the switch is running; it's probably that the fuse was cut because of a short circuit or by an overload. £ The fuse replacement is to do by extraction on the front panel; it is...

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NL101-001 - 3

TECHNICAL DATA 4- DIMENSIONS mm [in] (cutting tools : use drill Ø10mm and saw electric jig)

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NL101-001 - 5

TECHNICAL DATA 6- TECHNICAL DATA ATC FUSE/SWITCH PANELS : single pole standard 5 and10Amp – maximum 10A Fuses caliber Caliber by way ISO 9001 certified - NAVYLEC® an ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE brand – FRANCE NL101-003 electric switchboard ATC fuse holder 12 or 24Vdc, 2, 3 and 6 ways Fuses type ATC plug holder type Littlefuse Power supply Input electric connection Ouput electric connection Size WxHxD Cutting dimensions WxHxD Material front panel epoxy black paint, serigraphy white, red, yellow 4 flat head screws supplied, stainless black Varnished printed circuit Storage T° Poids Homologations...

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NL101-001 - 6

TECHNICAL DATA SPECIFICATIONS TECHNIQUES NAVYLEC NL101-00XV1EN Doc : 00241643-v2 NAVYLEC ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE - FRANCE Tel : +33/0 450 029 090 Fax : +33/0 450 685 893 1 rue Callisto Parc Altaïs 74650 Annecy-Chavanod France -

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