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NL MLT12 - 1

TECHNICAL DATA FUNCTIONS : The NAVYLEC® MLT12 allows the control of the charging, start-up and glow plug circuits on 12 volt engines. Charge and start-up circuit tester (12V) Performs simultaneously:  Battery voltage measurement.  Current measurement, with flow direction (battery charge or discharge).  Memorisation of over-voltage  Memorisation of minimum voltage and maximum current draw during start-up.  Glow plug diagnosis before removal.  Leakage current indication over 30mA. OPERATING INSTRUCTION : After simple connection to the battery poles, a complete test of the charging, starting and glow plug circuits is carried out within a few minutes. The test may be done around the engine room (three metre cable). The user carries out the following operations : Disconnect the battery ground from the (-) battery terminal and connect it to the shunt Connect the shunt in series to the batterie ground Connect the red clamp to the (+) terminal All tests are carried out without any calibration and are very easy to read off PROS TOOLS LLOYD’S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE LRQA

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NL MLT12 - 2

TECHNICAL DATA THE OPTIMUM POWER ON BOARD Simultaneous display of the voltage on the battery terminals and of the charge or discharge current Display of normal operating voltage VOLTMETER FUNCTIONS : The voltage measured is equivalent to the battery (+) No voltage « wire disconnected » The measured voltage is equivalent to the ground Memorisation on start-up of the voltage drop and current absorbed by the engine starter Global testing of glow plugs, without removing them (including their timer, glow and post-heating) Direct read-off of the "» alternator charging level Current flow direction...

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