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Navtec General Catalog - 93 Pages

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Navtec General Catalog

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The Rigging Solution of Lewmar Marine Fiber Systems | Rod Systems | Wire Systems | Hardware | Hydraulics

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The trusted rigging solution of choice for cruising, racing, and superyachts A heritage of proven performance and reliability has been tested to the extreme by generations of America’s Cup contenders, the results of which are applied to the entire Navtec Range. Cutting edge research and component technology combine with a close attention to detail, resulting in a durable, high quality rigging solution. From your initial enquiry, through manufacture and installation, to sailing in the field, the Navtec Sales Team offers you technical guidance and support. Drawing upon the expertise of the...

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Contents 1. Fiber Systems

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Technical Introduction Navtec Global Service With a global network of factory and repair locations, and factory-authorised independent service agents, Navtec offers after sales support wherever you are in the world. To identify your local Navtec contact, please go to and click on Contact Us. Navtec Part Numbers Imperial Part Numbers: Metric Part Numbers: nds The measurement following the M is in millimeters. All further measurements are in 32nds of an inch [Model ID] – [Rod/Wire Size] [Thread Size] [Pin Size] [Model ID] – [Metric] [Rod/Wire Size] [Thread Size] Rigging types...

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Wire Rigging 1x19 Stainless Steel Wire (Standard Rigging) Dimensions & Part Numbers PART NUMBER MINIMUM BREAKING LOAD kg PART NUMBER NOMINAL DIAMETER MINIMUM BREAKING LOAD kg Fiber Rigging PBO Fiber Cable SIZE COVER DIAMETER MINIMUM BREAKING STRENGTH STRETCH EQUIVALENT Navtec Global Service | Wire Rigging

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Technical Introduction Aramid Fiber Cable SIZE MINIMUM BREAKING STRENGTH STRETCH EQUIVALENT lb/ft Rod Rigging Nitronic 50 Rod ROD SIZE PART NUMBER MINIMUM BREAKING STRENGTH kgs 1. Rod sizes up through-91 are available in coil form or straightened in any length. 2. Standard sizes available up to 40ft. Contact Navtec for longer lengths. 3. Large sizes, especially -115 and above may be in stock in higher strengths than listed. Contact Navtec for details.

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1. Fiber Rigging For the past 30 years, Navtec has been at the forefront of yacht rigging. And for the past 20 years, we have been perfecting the performance of fiber rigging, offering the greatest combination of materials and terminations. As fiber technology constantly evolves, the Navtec Design Team continue to deliver innovative rig solutions

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A History of Design & Technical Excellence Since 1986 and the introduction of Aramid soft and pultruded rigging products, Navtec has been at the forefront of advances in fiber rigging. The introduction of Zylon ® fiber, or PBO, in 1997 enabled Navtec’s engineers to create rigging that is 50% stronger and 80% lighter than an N-50 stainless steel rigging assembly. Navtec led the way in the production of PBO fiber rigging with the use of unidirectional cables, initially with biconic terminations. Recent development focus has resulted in the ultimate high-performance system – Continuous PBO....

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Navtec Z-System PBO & Aramid Rigging In 2003, Navtec identified the opportunity to achieve specific cable specifications dictated by customer and application and purchased a custom designed, filament winding machine to CNC wind continuous fiber tow (Aramid or PBO). Two years of testing and development resulted in a machine design that can maintain accuracy in both length (+/- 1mm) and specification. Not only can cables be produced that meet customer’s specific requirements, but exact replacements can be manufactured at a later date. Z-System cables can be ordered to equivalent rod or wire...

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Z System PBO End Fittings After thorough testing, Navtec arrived at a carbon-covered termination as the lightweight and waterproof solution. We’ve developed several thimble designs in order to fit virtually any situation. Where a round thimble does not make sense, Navtec has the ability to apply a biconic terminal to create a Hybrid cable. This means that Navtec can use its vast library of threaded attachment designs for rod, wire, Aramid and PBO together to arrive at an efficient, cost effective solution for any requirement. COVER SIZE

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R592-SF Spreader Fork Assembly 10 Deg ØH MAX. R592-SF Spreader Fork Assembly 5 Deg ØH MAX. G MIN.

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1. Fiber Rigging C790-BPXX003 - C790-BPXX004 Sling Telescopic Turnbuckle PART NUMBER PART NUMBER *Weight does not include Eye (03) or Socket (04). See C890 Tbk’s on page 38 for BP eye dimensions and chainplate design information. Custom Z System Covers and Thimbles Navtec has designed a range of covers and thimbles for applications where more articulation is needed. All of our thimbles are FEA analyzed and sized for safety and performance. Basket Loop Removable Cover for Headstay Headstay Bearing

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Navtec Biconic Aramid & PBO Rigging Until the introduction of PBO, Navtec Aramid rigging was the industry standard. Over the years, it has undergone as much development as any Navtec rigging product. The biconic compression fitting was redesigned in 2001 to be more efficient in its connection to the pre-made unidirectional Aramid cables. The fittings are now stronger and safer than ever before, and Aramid continues to be a successful offering in our fiber rigging product line. Navtec was the first company to introduce a biconic compression fitting to terminate PBO. We use titanium terminations to...

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PBO Biconic End Fittings All Navtec biconic terminals have been designed and optimised to take advantage of the strength of the fiber cable that they are being applied to. For Aramid cables, we offer biconic terminals made from aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium to suit any application or budget. For our PBO cables, we offer our biconic terminals in titanium due to the unique requirements of the PBO fiber. All Navtec fittings have been designed and applied to each Aramid or PBO cable size to provide adequate strength for any strength or stretch application. Our fittings use standard pin...

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