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MARINE PRODUCTS Navix supplies integrated equipment that makes boat-building simpler and faster as well as cutting costs: one integrated device is always cheaper than two separate ones. Some 20 years' experience in the production of electrical equipment for the boat-building industry gives us a cutting edge in terms of meeting today's needs. Stable, long-term co- operation shows that customers value We employ traditional know-how and expertise with a modern touch. personnel combined with modern equipment, laser technology and

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3 We manufacture competitive, highquality electrical equipment, switchboards, instrument panels, cable harnesses, battery cables and main power switches for small and large boats alike. Our modern shore power system is FI approved. This production process is audited by SGS-Fimko. Navix supplies integrated solutions that bring many benefits. contents From design to end products Customer tailored products Naviplast 230V AC on board Shore Powers & Battery Chargers Battery main switches Accessories 4 6 8 10 12 15 18

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4 from design to Navix Oy produces high-quality 3D design moulds production technology electrical design automatic line for cable production electrical components for boat-building industry by using modern equipment and offering competitive prices. The comprehensive product range of Navix Oy means a complete main electricity system required for a boat in a single delivery. The production process of tailor-made products is controlled by computer. The products production of battery cables are designed by our electrical designers and the industrial designer. production of cable harnesses Cable...

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MARINE PRODUCTS Navix Oy is much more than just a We offer our customers extensive design services which comprise Professional personnel, modern production and sufficient product volume ensure a high quality of our services and products, as well as competitive prices. ELECTRICAL DESIGN TECHNICAL SUPPORT PRODUCTION OF MOULDS AND TOOLS

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6 c u s t o m e r ta i l o r e d p r o d u c t s Specifically tailored instrument panels and switchboards are part of modern boat-building. Our high-quality products are manufactured to meet customer specifications and to ensure reliable functioning in tough marine conditions. They are also exceptionally durable and competitive.

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MARINE PRODUCTS NAVIPLAST - MANUFACTURING OF PANELS material of endurance and visibility of its own class. Naviplast gives boats luxurious new-age instrument panels, switchboards and different decorative panels according to the client's wishes. The high quality and shine of the surface turn the panels to be interesting interior decoration Naviplast- panels are either vacuum moulded or straight laser- Navix own designing technique has been developed to create a flexible service. More than that, our methods are price-competitive and deliveries fast. Use of straight laser-cut Naviplast...

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MARINE PRODUCTS NAVIPLAST PLASTIC PUATES ARE plates is on the bottom side of the panel. This feature adds dimensional effect and in combination with supreme shine gives the product a luxurious effect. several different styles. The customer tailored styles WALNUT ROOT WOOD DARK WOOD MIDDLE DARK CARBON FIBER CARBON FIBER GREY FILAMENT BLACK FILAMENT GREY FILAMENT GREY-S FILAMENT SILVER-G FILAMENT SILVER-B FILAMENT BLACK-S BRUSHED STEEL BRUSHED STEEL BLACK ANGLE BOARD TITANIUM SPOT GREY BRUSH GREY

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MARINE PRODUCTS Long-term experience in the field gives us grounds to guarantee that we can supply liable solutions of proven superior quality. A good example of this is our integrated shore power and battery charger unit. This unit is equipped with quick connectors and saves several hours of installation work compared The total space requirement for the integrated system is small and installation lead time short. This gives more time for installing other electronic equipment. All cables and components are tested in accordance with standards, so that the boat's shore power system UNIT WITH...

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11 Plug and play Integrated shore power and battery charger Quick connectors for input and output cables % Difference Traditional Total system Parts Work Navix system Total

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MARINE PRODUCTS SHORE POWER & BATTERY CHARGER Battery charger: Battery charger: HEAVY DUTY POWER UNIT 25A mo Shore power unit with integrated effective 25 A IUO battery charger - the unit has outputs for two socket lines and a remote controlled outlet for water heater - service and start batteries have own charge circuits Shore power unit: nominal voltage 230V AC residual current circuitbreaker 0.03A / 25 A constant current charge 25A constant voltge charge 14,2V In addition to the abovementioned, equipped with relay that connects optional voltage source (inverter or generator) for the...

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MARINE PRODUCTS SHORE POWER & BATTERY CHARGER INTEGRATED SHORE POWER AND BATTERY CHARGER 20A Shore power unit Battery charger: Dimensions (WxHxD): residual current circuit DISPLAY UNIT For SP2500 shore power &. battery charger Length of pre installed connection cable: 8 m Power inlet with cover, flush-mounting equipped with lock and quick connector. Corrosion resistant, robust structure. Surface mounting Equipped with 30 cm cable and quick connector. SHORE POWER CONNECTION CABLE WITH EARTHED PLUG Rubberized oil and weather-resistant cable 3 x 1,5 mm2 SHORE POWER CONNECTIN CABLE WITH EARTHED...

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MARINE PRODUCTS SHORE POWER & BATTERY CHARGER WALL SOCKET Single-position, surface mounting, white Equipped with quick connectors, WALL SOCKET Single-position, flush mounting, white Equipped with quick connector. WALL SOCKET Dual-position, flush mounting, white Equipped with quick connector. EXTENSION FLEX Oil and weather-resistant rubber-sheathed cables, supplied in protective tubes. Cables equipped with quick connectors. This can be used to branch one inlet cable into three outlet cables.

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MARINE PRODUCTS BATTERY MAIN SWITCHES Our operation is customer-driven - our main objective being to meet boat builders' and boaters' needs and convenience. Since mechanical components are expensive to buy separately, we have combined them all in one enclosure. Simple - but it works. Integrating the main switch, fuse unit and charger relay brings many benefits. We have models for both surface and flush mounting. FLUSH MOUNTABLE 1. COVER WITH LOCK 2. MAIN SWITCH FOR SERVICE BATTERY 3. MAIN SWITCH FOR STARTER BATTERY 4. MAIN SWITCH FOR ANCHOR WINCH, 5. MAIN SWITCH FOR DIRECT SUPPLY EQUIPMENT...

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