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NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD Rudder Angle Indicators Commensurate with the installation flexibility of the Navitron equipment range, NT920 Rudder Angle Indicators may be configured for 'add on' use with all Navitron Autopilot models or as components of an entirely independent Rudder lndicator system. Whether operating directly from an Autopilot or as an independent system, single or multi head installation is permissible with the attendant advantage that all lndicator heads are electrically identical rendering them completely interchangeable. The standard lndicator head (type NT920RAI) is suitable for internal panel mounted location and comprises a robust moving coil driving a white pointer against a black scale background clearly marked in 5" increments. Standard range markings are 45-0-45" or 90-0-90" over a total scale arc of 240". Simple 'on board' calibration and inbuilt facilities for fixed or variable intensity red scale illumination are also standard features. Model NT920RAI Rudder Angle lndicator Head Dirns 1IOrnrn x 175rnrn x 75mrn (depth) Where Indicators are to be bracket mounted or externally located, a rugged pod assembly is available as an option which must be exercised to provide the necessary mounting assembly and weather proofing facilities Independent Rudder Angle lndicator systems are immediately compatible with a supply voltage of 11-40Vdc and are installed in conjunction with a Rudder Transmitter Unit type NT920RTU or the purpose dedicated potentiometer contained within a Navitron Autopilot Dual Rudder Reference Unit. In either case, the reference unit is of rugged cast aluminium construction commensurate with mounting adjacent to the rudder stock. NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD (Registered in England 2607869) Osborn House, 25E Brockhampton Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1JT TEL: (UK) 023 9249 8740 FAX: (UK) 023 9249 8783 (INT) +44 23 9249 8740 (INT) +44 23 9249 8783 E-mail: Web:

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