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NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD NT991G MK2 GYRO/MAG AUTOPILOT Fully Type Approved Notified Body 0191 / 05 Designed and developed by Navitron Systems Ltd for commercially operated ocean going vessels of all types from typically 1800 gross registered tonnes upwards, the Navitron NT991G MK2 Autopilot is fully type approved to latest IMO and ISO standards. Sensor Coil and/or NMEA. ■ Dual Gyro Inputs : 1:1 Synchro and/or NMEA. ■ Track Steer : Multi waypoint steering via Plotter/ECDIS data. ■ Programmable ROT : (Degrees/Min). ■ Built in RadioNav and Off Course Alarm. ■ Automatic Stability : Compensates for Rudder speed variations. ■ Heading / VDR out : NMEA, Step by Step and Furuno Heading. $HTD & $RSA VDR Available in various system configurations the NT991G MK2 can be supplied for immediate compatibility with most gyro compass and steering system types rendering it an extremely cost effective solution for new build and retrofit installations. Additionally, the NT991G MK2 Autopilot features automatic Waypoint Steering based on “Heading to Steer” serial data received from proprietary Track Plotters/ECDIS systems etc. ($HTC, $HSC, $APB sentences). Comprehensively intelligent, other standard features include Dual Mag and Gyro Heading Inputs, serial data outputs for Radar Stabilisation / Nav Computer / VDR use etc, fully Automatic Stability Compensation to accommodate Two Speed Rudder Systems and programmable Rate of Turn in degrees per minute. Simple to operate via a traditional and clearly marked rotary Course Setter, the NT991G MK2 is immediately compatible with existing Navitron equipment including Watch Alarms, Heading Repeaters, Rudder Angle Indicators and Power Steer Controls. █ Servo Drive Heading Repeater (Standby mode). AutoTrim (Automatic Permanent Helm). Digital Heading and ROT data display. Bargraph and digital Rudder Angle display. Operator variable control panel illumination. 11 - 40Vdc Power Supply compatible. Solid State Output stages ( 11 – 40 Vdc / 5A max.) Fully programmable installation parameters. NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD (Registered in England No. 2607869) 17 The Tanneries, Brockhampton Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1JB TEL: (UK) 023 9249 8740 FAX: (UK) 023 9249 8783 (INT) +44 23 9249 8740 (INT) +44 23 9249 8783 E-mail: sales@navitron.co.uk Web: www.navitron.co.uk

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NT991G MK2 - 2

Outline Specifications All Navitron Autopilot systems are covered by comprehensive warranty terms and are supplied standard complete with Mag Heading Sensor Coil, Rudder Reference Unit and Control Unit incorporating 11 – 40Vdc 5A rated solid state switches for the control of solenoid hydraulic steering systems. Various optional equipment includes dual solenoid and dual channel analogue outputs (-10V to +10V) for independent dual rudder and analogue steering system control respectively. NT991G MK2 Autopilot Input/Output Specifications Inputs: Supply Voltage Range Power Consumption...

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