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NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD NT888G GYRO/MAG AUTOPILOT Type Approved for HSC & Conventional Deep Hull Vessels - Notified Body 0191 / 07 ISO 16329 & 11674 / IMO A342 (IX) as amended by MSC 64/67 Annex 3 Designed and developed by Navitron Systems Ltd for professional use on Magnetic and/or Gyro based vessels of all types – including High Speed Craft (HSC) – to approximately 3000 gross tonnes, the Navitron NT888G is a technologically advanced and powerfully equipped Autopilot which is clearly displayed and simple to operate. ■ 3 Mag/Gyro Heading Inputs :- Model NT888G Dims 204mm x 132mm x 48.4mm (depth) Sensor Coil and/or 2 x NMEA. ■ Track Steer :Multi waypoint steering via Plotter/ECDIS NMEA data. ■ NMEA Speed Input ■ 4-20mA Draft Input ■ Bowthruster & Rudder Control ■ Off Course and Watch Alarms ■ Programmable Turns :RAD / ROT & U turns etc. ■ Automatic Stability :Compensates for Rudder speed variations. ■ Heading / VDR output Data :NMEA, Step by Step & Furuno Heading. $HTD & $RSA VDR Equally at home in new build and retrofit applications over an exceptionally wide range (fishing vessels, tugs, dredgers, ferries, coasters, survey and support units etc.) the NT888G Autopilot offers traditional Navitron reliability reinforced by Adaptive control technology. The adaptive function automatically monitors and self tunes the Autopilot parameters to provide optimum steering performance whether operating on a fishing vessel in a low speed work mode or on a high speed passenger ferry underway at 50 knots. With a standard scope of supply comprising NT888G Control Unit suitable for foot bracket or panel mounting, robust Rudder Reference Unit and central Distribution Unit, the Autopilot System is immediately compatible with a wide range of vessel steering configurations including single and dual solenoid systems and voltage (±10Vdc) or current driven (4-20mA) Steering Amplifiers. Up to a maximum of 3 Control Units may be installed per system and each Control Unit is equally equipped with comprehensive displays of Actual Operating Mode, Heading, Rudder Angle, Rate of Turn and Speed Data which is enhanced by Track Steering graphics when the Track Mode is engaged. The display mode itself (light characters on a dark background or vice versa) is also installation selectable with operator adjustable red backlight illumination to suit individual preference. Track Mode operation provides single or multi waypoint steering performance based on data received from a proprietary ECDIS/Plotter including – when used in conjunction with an Approved ECDIS – remotely instructed constant radius turns etc. Other standard features provide “Next Course”, “U Turn” and permanent Heading changes in 1º/ 5º/10º steps etc. Standard outputs produce NMEA, Furuno and Step by Step heading data for Radar stabilisation etc. and optional equipment includes Power Steer Controls, Analogue / Digital Heading Repeaters and Rudder Indicators. NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD (Registered in England No. 2607869) Osborn House, 25E Brockhampton Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1JT TEL: (UK) 023 9249 8740 FAX: (UK) 023 9249 8783 (INT) +44 23 9249 8740 (INT) +44 23 9249 8783 E-mail: sales@navitron.co.uk Web: www.navitron.co.uk

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Standard Supply: Variable Illumination Level Ships Supply NMEA 0183 Heading Data Heading Data Independent Thruster and/or dual Analogue Optional Equipment: Optional 2nd Control Unit Optional equipment suitable for Direct (lì) Power steer Controls (iv) Digital Heading Repeaters (v) Analogue Heading Repeaters Variable Illumination Level Variable Illumination Level

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