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NT777 - 1

NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD NT777 SMALL VESSEL AUTOPILOT Purpose developed for small professional vessel use spanning workboats, pilot and patrol craft, fishing vessels and motor yachts to 25m LOA, the NT777 model is the first of a new digital Autopilot generation designed and manufactured by Navitron Systems Ltd. Accordingly, the NT777 Autopilot System provides Navitron steering expertise in a robust and compact package with the following standard features:■ Dual NMEA Heading Inputs ■ Mag Sensor Coil Heading Input. ■ Multi Waypoint Track Steering ■ Multiple Control Unit Options ■ Integral Off Course Alarm ■ Integral Watch Alarm ■ Custom Turn & Dodge functions ■ NMEA & Furuno Heading Outputs ■ 11-40Vdc Power Supply ■ 11-40Vdc/5A rated solid state switch Outputs to Solenoids Model NT777 Autopilot Control Unit (192 x 120 x 62.4mm) Fully equipped yet simple to operate- and suitable for hull forms from conventional displacement to fast planing vessels - the NT777 Autopilot System can support a maximum of 3 Control Units which connect to a central Distribution Unit. Model NT777 Distribution Unit (270 x 175 x 66mm) Optional Equipment Input/Outputs:– These functions are available from the standard Distribution Unit and allow a range of equipment and services to be added which include:- Combined with full PID intelligence, auto rudder stability, Auto Trim (APH), integral Alarm & Reset functions, the NT777 is equipped for precision performance and reliability. The LCD display presentation mode can be positive or negative as selected at installation. Automatic display graphic change will occur when Track Steering Mode is selected and includes regular (18 sec.) performance and source data updates. Suitable for console or bracket mounting, the NT777 Control Unit can be externally located and the overall system is normally supplied complete with Heading Sensor Coil and Rudder Reference Unit for installation to solenoid hydraulic systems (11-40Vdc/5A max). Alternative Distribution Units may also be employed to provide ±10Vdc/4-20mA outputs for analogue steering machines. ■Rudder Angle Indicators ■Analogue and Digital Heading Repeaters ■NMEA Heading Outputs (Radar etc.) ■Power Steer Controls ■ Universal Relay Box NAVITRON SYSTEMS LTD (Registered in England No. 2607869) 17 The Tanneries, Brockhampton Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1JB TEL: (UK) 023 9249 8740 FAX: (UK) 023 9249 8783 (INT) +44 23 9249 8740 (INT) +44 23 9249 8783 E-mail: sales@navitron.co.uk Web: www.navitron.co.uk

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NT777 - 2

NT777Outline Specifications NT777 Autopilot Input/Output Specifications Inputs: Supply Voltage Range Power Consumption Off Standby On Illumination (max) Mag Heading Input Ports Navitron Heading Coil type HSC1 Sensor Coil mounted or above/below HSC2 Existing Mag Compass Resolution 0.25° Dual NMEA 0183 XX HDM Heading Sentences XX HDG from Electronic XX HCC Compasses etc. XX HDT (Priority as shown) Resolution 0.1° Cross Track Error Signal Input (GPS etc) XX APA NMEA 0183 XX APB Sentence types XX RMB XX XTE NMEA 0180 (CTE only) Heading to Steer Track Data (GPS etc.) XX HTC NMEA 0183 XX HSC...

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