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Navisafe Headlamp Navisafe Headlamp The new Navisafe Headlamp contains all functions needed to make it the Sailor’s first choice: a red light to preserve night vision, a white floodlight to light the whole sail, and an ultrapowerful distance light shining up to 70 m plus tilt function for exact and comfortable beam positioning. It weighs only 68 g including the single AA Battery. The Headlamp is IPX6 classified and withstands heavy splashing and rain. Navisafe Smart Mode Switch: 1. Press and hold for 0.5 s to activate the red light. If the red light is ON for more than 3 PRESS the switch again and the light turns OFF 2. To activate the white light PRESS and HOLD for 0.5 s and activate the red light, PRESS again quickly and enter into white light mode 3. PRESS again quickly to get to the next mode In ANY mode: PRESS and HOLD for 1.5 s to turn light OFF 7 lumens red flootlight 14 lumens white flootlight 30 lumens warm CREE LED distance light 110 lumens warm CREE LED distance light Flashing white light Beam distance up to 70m, tilt function for exact beam positioning IPX6 waterproof standard, protected against heavy splashing and rain Address: Grini Naeringspark 4b, N-1361 Osteras, Norway, Phone: +47 922 09 001, p

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Portable navigation lights Powered by one AA battery (not included) Address: Grini Naeringspark 4b, N-I36I Osteras, Norway,

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