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WE ARE BORN EXPLORERS Our innate curiosity, our thirst for discovery, our desire to push boundaries is what makes us unique and what shapes the world around us. Part of Amorim, the world leader of the cork industry, Navicork is set to lead the marine revolution, by developing cork decking solutions that elevate experiences and champion sustainability. Explore the world with nature, explore the world with NAVICORK.

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CORK, LEADING A SUSTAINABLE JOURNEY Cork, the heart of our solutions, embodies the perfect blend of design and performance. With its distinctive gentle texture, cork is a resilient and lightweight material, offering unparalleled versatility - the ideal companion for your next big adventure. We cultivate the future by preserving the cork oak forest: a haven for biodiversity that also captures a significant amount of CO2. Sustainable cork harvesting methods ensure that no trees are felled in the process, reinforcing the vitality of the forests and nurturing their contribution to the future of...

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CORK’S MAIN FEATURES Besides being a 100% natural reusable and recyclable material, cork combines performance with attractive visuals - creating valuable solutions for the marine sector. Impermeability to liquids and gases Resistance to friction Resistance to fire and high temperatures Acoustic and anti-vibration insulation Elastic, compressible and resilient Thermal insulation 100% natural, reusable and recyclable

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CORK DECKING SOLUTIONS WHY CHOOSE A CORK DECKING SOLUTION? 100% natural, reusable and recyclable, cork contributes to a more sustainable marine industry. Our cork decking solutions stand out as particularly valuable solutions for sustainable deck construction complying with the industry´s safety and technical standards. Light, resilient, versatile and with excellent levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, cork has a negative carbon footprint which helps customers to increase their sustainability performance.

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CORK DECKING SOLUTIONS BORN IN NATURE, GROWING THROUGH INNOVATION Lightweight The composition of the material not only levels and smooths surfaces but also significantly reduces weight. Thermal Insulation With a low thermal conductivity of 0.065 W/ mºK across a broad temperature range, it saves energy and minimizes condensation, significantly enhancing passenger comfort. Anti-slip The natural texture and grip of cork decking offer excellent anti-slip properties for safety and stability on your marine surfaces. Acoustic Insulation Cork's closed-cell structure dampens structural noise, such...

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CORK DECKING SOLUTIONS FINAL DECKING Navicork FD01 is a cork composite solution developed for deck coverings in marine vessels. Sustainable and 100% natural, this product offers exquisite aesthetics and a soft and cool under-foot feeling even on the warmest days, delivering extraordinary comfort and grip. The material is available in 6mm or 8mm thickness (other thicknesses can be evaluated upon request). Specific Weight (kg/m3) (1) Compressibility @ 0.7 MPa (%) (1) Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K) (2) Wear Resistance - Thickness Change (%) (3)

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Circular economy FOLLOWING CIRCULAR ECONOMY PRINCIPLES We give materials a new life by creating new products while taking care of the planet. Raw materials / Industrial symbiosis To produce our cork decking solutions, we guarantee full utilization of harvested material, ensuring that, just as in Nature, nothing is lost and everything is transformed. Nothing is lost. Everything is transformed. Residual waste Over 60% of our energy needs are met through use of biomass (cork dust), which is a CO2 neutral source of energy. Even the smallest cork granules are used as a valuable energy source.

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Corticeira Amorim NAVICORK IS PART OF AMORIM - THE CORK INDUSTRY LEADER Amorim holds a worldwide leadership position in five main areas: raw materials, cork stoppers, composites, floor and wall coverings and insulation. With more than 150 years of history, Amorim has made an unparalleled investment in research, innovation, and design, developing a portfolio of products and solutions with high added value that anticipates market trends and exceeds the expectations of some of the world's most demanding industries.

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Corticeira Amorim CORTICEIRA AMORIM’S WORLDWIDE PRESENCE Corticeira Amorim has a solid position on five continents. Corticeira Amorim Industrial Plants Cork Raw Material Preparation Plants Distribution companies Joint ventures

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Sustainable Development Goals ALIGNMENT WITH UNITED NATIONS’ SDG Commited to a solid and dynamic future with sustainability as the main reference, Amorim’s Sustainability Strategy is aligned with 12 Sustainable Development Goals. Preserving cork oak forest and ecosystem services Promoting training and well-being Reducing environmental impact Environmental The environmental axis is focused on: • Preserving the cork oak forest and ecosystem services • Reducing environmental impact • Circular economy principles • Developing sustainable products Amorim’s Sustainable Strategy acts across three...

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RESEARCHING, DEVELOPING AND INNOVATING FOR THE FUTURE New products, new markets, new applications, and creating an added value for cork and its characteristics are our development drivers. i.cork factory was founded to respond to the growing process of creation. It is where our new products are devised in response to current market trends and needs. Using different materials (thermoplastics, resins, foams, rubbers, natural & synthetic fibers…) and new technologies we challenge ourselves every day to find new and disruptive solutions. Grinding & mixing Grinding & mixing technologies to...

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CERTIFICATION We have adopted sustainable development practices. We are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) chain of custody certification and certification issued by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC). We also hold a range of system management certificates, including NP EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), NP EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), NP EN ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and NP EN ISO 50001 (Energy Management System).

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