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Clubswan 50 - 3

Counterclockwise from top left: the Swan 39 Race version from 1978 designed by Ron Holland, the Swan 45 from 2002 and the ClubSwan 42 from 2006 both disgned by Germán Frers Nautor’s Swan has always offered high performance racing yachts to complement its classic range of cruising Swans, yachts such as the 39 and the 441 in Racing version. Today the yard uses its new ClubSwan models to test the most modern trends in design, materials and solutions, refining technologies that will then be used to the benefit of the cruising models. Like the Swan 45 and ClubSwan 42, successful one designs...

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Clubswan 50 - 5

DESIGN Juan Kouyoumdjian Performance comes from two main areas: the first one is optimising the relationship between key parameters such as length, displacement, sail area and righting moment; the second is a specific refinement of these parameters within themselves. Designing the ClubSwan 50, the hull shape and appendages were refined using our CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) setup based on Star CCM+. At the beginning we use 0 DOF (degrees of freedom) calculations since we didn’t know the weight nor ideal trim of the boat and we analyzed different candidate topologies across a wide...

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Clubswan 50 - 6

The new ClubSwan 50 is at the cutting edge of contemporary yacht design. The brief was clear and simple: an extremely fast boat that would also be easy to take to the limit, convertible into a sports cruiser with limited crew, with captivating looks and the natural elegance of a Swan. It had to be both competitive in class racing and conceived as a One Design. In one word, this yacht had to be cool. The hull is modern and performing with full sections forward and a beamy transom, reverse bow, reverse sheer, pronounced chines, concave aft sections and reduced freeboards. Appendages are in...

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Clubswan 50 - 7

SAIL PLAN The sail plan is latest generation: the mast has been positioned slightly aft of centre with a longer J ideal for powerful asymmetricals that can be either full or fractionally rigged. The square top mainsail has a full shape thanks to running backstays: a perfect combination for the racing circuit. But the sail plan has also been designed with easy sailing in mind. A few changes transform the ClubSwan 50 into a docile cruiser, perfect for a couple. In moderate winds the running backstays can be positioned at the mast, whilst in stronger breezes the double reefed mainsail passes...

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Clubswan 50 - 8

Efficiency with a large crew and ease of use for a couple: the deck layout has been planned to be ideal in both cases, another revolution offered by the ClubSwan 50. The transverse jib tracks on the coachroof allow pure performance upwind angles and the six powerful racing winches make sail handling during racing fluid and efficient. In an instant the same layout can be adapted for solitary handling: the four winches around the helm can be used to control every function on board and, with the furling headsail configuration, it is easy to achieve top performance with a reduced crew, gybing...

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Clubswan 50 - 10

Designed as a week-end sailer, the ClubSwan 50 offer enough space and accomodation for a short cruises or longer sports cruising. The elegant and stylish interiors designed by the Italian Architect Michel Bönan, feature textiles and leathers surrounded by light composite panels easy to maintenance between races. The saloon offers spaces typical of larger yachts, with eye-catching twin sofas and an open view forward. The double side mountings create a bridge support for the mast that is deck stepped and creates unencumbered space and allows for unhindered movement below. The large owner’s...

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Clubswan 50 - 12


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Clubswan 50 - 13

UNDER SAIL Stepping onboard, the first impression upon sailing is that this is something extremely special. Leaving the dock under engine, in economic cruise mode she makes easily 9 knots, thanks to her light displacement. In light winds, the square top mainsail coupled with the generous foretriangle are able to produce plenty of power. The hull shape is designed to reach optimum performance at 22 degrees of heel angle sailing upwind and the Clubswan 50 quickly settles into the groove, boat speed building impressively. In light wind conditions, the stern has only minimal sections touching...

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Clubswan 50 - 15

Hull structure including keel box reinforcements is a carbon epoxy sprint moulded part cured together with the hull to create a uniform structural unit. • Structural bulkheads in composite carbon epoxy sandwich sprint, bonded to the hull with structural epoxy adhesive. • Two rudders with carbon/epoxy composite stock and shells, foam filled. • Carbon/ epoxy sprint laminate, vacuum bagged and cured in the oven at elevated temperature. Sandwich construction with a high performance foam Corecell core • Structural bulkheads are bonded to the deck with structural epoxy adhesive • Teak on the deck...

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Clubswan 50 - 16

The quality that has made Swans so famous during the years can be seen in the obsessive attention to detail that can be found throughout the yacht. Technologies have evolved but the spirit with which a Swan is designed and built remains the same: seaworthiness, reliability and style are and always have been our main drivers. That is why on our yachts we use only the best materials and the technologies that have proved their worth and durability in prolonged and severe conditions. STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS General Hull LOA (incl. bowsprit and boom) 16.74 m Hull construction length 15.24 m...

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Clubswan 50 - 17

THE CLASS ANDREW YATES - Class Chief Measurer Chief Measurer for the Swan 45 & 60 and ClubSwan 50 Classes. Class Measurer for the J Class. RORC Rating Office Technical Consultant. Naval Architect & Build Project Manager. SWAN The ClubSwan 50, was conceived to officially celebrate Nautor's 50th Anniversary and represents an innovative concept strictly oriented on One-design racing. This means being defined by clear rules, being synonymous with pure sport in yachting competitions. Yachts are the same and it is all about strategy, tactics, crew work, and sailing technique. Class Rules And...

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