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NAUTIPARK is a French Technological Company and Leading Equipment Manufacturer in the fields of boat cradling, storage and handling. Based in Saint-Brévin-les-Pins (FR), the company exports all over World and employs more than 20 people with a turnover of 3.5 million euros in 2021. Its innovation policy allows it to optimize its clients’ efficiency, its competition and build strong commercial relationships with large operators while providing reactive local services. of French marinas work with us of the world’s leisure boats can be cradled with 2 NAUTIPARK models export market boats in our cradling solutions database SIMPLY EFFICIENT of annual turnover in innovation safety & comfort for men and boats time saved in cradling and handling of annual turnover in environmental and societal commitment SIMPLY EFFICIENT BOAT CRADLING BOAT HANDLING P.A. de la Guerche Av. des Frères Lumière 44250 ST BREVIN LES PINS Headquarters and production workshop: France. 10 sites in Europe: Corsica, England, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal. 3 international sites: USA / Canada, Australia / New-Zealand, Brazil. NAUTIPARK, AT THE HEART OF INNOVA

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HANDLING : ALL YOU NEED NOTHING UNNECESSARY ENSURING COST-EFFECTIVENESS PARK TIN / PARK TAB WORK TAB QUICK RACK PARKLEV CATA WORKING SERENELY Check out more footage on our website – – our guidelines & database of our cradling solutions for over 800 boats.

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