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Innovative, disruptive forward-thinking. Advanced Security | Tracking | SMART Geofence | Autonomous Bilge Mgt | Tender Watch | and more... The platform for autonomous control, surveillance, safety and communication.

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Nautic Alert is the new modern platform for advanced yacht security and surveillance, tracking and autonomous oversight of critical systems with decision-making and control capability providing exceptional reliability and simplicity based on intelligent machine learning and SMART sensors. Nautic Alert keeps you in control and connected on board or away enabling proactive behavior through early event detection giving you the full picture of what's unfolding in real-time using accurate measured data, while eliminating false-positive notifications. Designed to track your boat or yacht with...

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Nautic Alert Insight X2 Early Event Detection With Intelligent Decision-Making. When it comes to protecting your family, crew and your boat or yacht, Nautic Alert is like having a tenacious 1st mate on board around the clock. Operating more than 15 applications on a single platform, you gain capabilities that deliver the insight and protection you deserve for a peace of mind. Backed by a Two-Year limited warranty. Measured Data for Results Making informed decisions requires data. Insight's machine learning detects events with data before you experience a problem. Intuitive Interaction Touch...

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NAUTIC ALERT INSIGHT Vessel Locator Vessel Tracking Single DC Battery Bank Geofecene / Anchor Alarm Emergency SOS * Global Texting Cloud Watch Anti-Theft Smartphone Text Requests Configured for Iridium Satellite or Verizon Wireless 4G LTE. Equipped with WiFi Interface for Receiving New Application Capabilities. NAUTIC ALERT XPULSE NAUTIC ALERT XPULSE PLUS AC Shore Power Multi Battery Bank Voltage Multi Battery Bank Trending Wired Security Sensors Wireless Siren Float Switch Input AC Shore Power Multi Battery Bank Voltage Multi Battery Bank Trending Wireless Security Sensors Wireless Siren...

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Nautic Alert Nevata ™ Nautic Alert Nevata™ is a SMART sensor and bilge pump controller that detects bilge related events before the occurrence of a high water bilge condition using its advanced Multi-Fault Assessment capability. Nevata communicates information to Nautic Alert Insight in real time using the integrated Nautic Alert Wireless Sync network. Nevata auto SSI I Au*° Calibrate »| BP / I §9 Auto Pump LvL r- # Auto Alert LvL ® I # Wireless #Pump 2fFLT[|Slautic Alert Manual Override swaps pumps when needed. Centralized Management with Insight • Configure each Nevata using a one-step...

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Security and Surveillance Unmatched Yacht Security Protection using a 3-Layer Security Defense Strategy for the Ultimate Intrusion Detection Solution on the Market. An authorized party attempts to board your yacht when you least expect it, and you are informed before they even step on your deck. Layer 1 Protection with outdoor microwave sensors and FLIR-based thermal imaging cameras. The beauty and elegance of your yacht deserves hidden intrusion detection sensors behind a cabinet or bulkhead to catch the unexpected. Layer 2 Protection with radar based detection technology. Your Yacht is...

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An Important Part of Security is Power. Nautic Alert XPulse and XPlus Plus are SMART sensors that interconnect multiple battery banks, shore power, wired security sensors, and wireless security sensors to provide early event detection and information to Nautic Alert Insight. Insight processes the information using its internal analytic engine for learning trends and event detection. "turn illume

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t-*^a/que Natural Los Alcornocales Bacbate \ ZaharaTde'. los Atunes 6.1 HOURS ELAPSED ' 36.362710: -4.739745 06/13/2017,15;15:04 UTC FROM START 53.8 Ml TRACKING4.2 KTS f START - ROUTE 35.752660: -5.339563 06/13/2017,09:09:01 UTC lo • Global real-time tracking • On-Demand real-time, two-way location requests to Nautic Alert • Shared tracking core with NOAA pending approval • Family and friends yacht tracking from My Insights portal • Auto-track calculations for simple to use route playback. Text "gps" from your phone, or click the "On Demand" button in the My Insights Web Portal. Past...

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Tender Watch Tender Watch delivers instant, unexpected disconnect alerts at the bridge and remotely using the Nautic Alert platform. This enables the captain to monitor tender vitals, including bilge, batteries and security. Tender Watch establishes a dynamic geofence ascertaining the location of the yacht and tender in one view using bi-directional communication through a secured wireless personal data network between the yacht and the tender. If the tender goes out of the Nautic Alert wireless personal network range, the yacht and tender will communicate coordinates via Nautic Alert’s...

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Reporting Service Reporting Service is a Nautic Alert application used to communicate information messages from aboard to ashore and for receiving request messages from an authorized remote user. Nautic Alert Reporting Service facilitates the messaging interaction and fulfillment process through Nearshorenetworks. Powered by Nearshorenetworks. Providing easy activation and secure, reliable connection. Connectivity Bundled, New or Existing Services. Combine your existing internet broadband (WiFi) service and satellite service into one monthly bill.

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Technical Simple Installation Step 1: Connect satellite or 4G LTE antenna, GPS antenna, provide DC power and mount Insight. Step 2: Mount Nevata, connect pumps to Nevata and provide DC power. Step 3: Mount XPulse Plus and provide DC power. Step 4: View Insight and see all Nevatas and XPulses auto connect via wireless sync. Step 5: From Insight enable auto calibrate for Nevatas and they will auto configure. Step 6: Enable security settings and Nautic Alert Reporting Service, and you can connect with your smartphone. Step 7: Nautic Alert is now ready to serve as your 1st mate. Nevata Insight...

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