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MARINE INSTRUMENTS Contents Yacht Repeater _________________03 MOBi (Man OverBoard Indicator) _22 EX-1 Exhaust temperature monitor 23 Target Navtex Pro-Plus __________27 Clipper Wind System ___________12 Clipper Close Haul Repeater ______13 Clipper Compass Repeater _______15 Clipper Speed & Distance System _18 Accessories and Spare Parts _____39 Clipper Depth System __________19 DUE TO A POLICY OF CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT NASA MARINE LTD RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE SPECIFICATIONS OR PRICES AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE OR OBLIGATION. NASA MARINE PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED AND BUILT BY BRITISH...

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Yacht Repeater A new large display, mast mounted, multifunction repeater SPEED OVER GROUND COURSE OVER GROUND BOAT SPEED BEARING TO WAYPOINT COMPASS HEADING VELOCITY MADE GOOD TRUE WIND SPEED TRUE WIND ANGLE APPARENT WIND SPEED APPARENT WIND ANGLE CROSS TRACK ERROR DEPTH in METRES Other screens will be added by popular demand Yacht Repeater The overall case size is 211mm wide x 140mm high. DISPLAY SCREENS SHOWN: The weatherproof repeater with its giant 60mm high numerals, is supplied complete with cables, data-box with six NMEA-0183 inputs ( With up to three sentences per input.), wireless...

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NASA- MARINE INSTRUMENTS For a yachtsman planning a voyage, the ability to predict the weather is essential. The rate of change of barometric pressure and history of wind speed can be an invaluable indicator of imminent conditions. Many sailors rely on low cost domestic barometers, which are inaccurate, have low resolution and very poor history. Severa quality paper recording instruments exist but are delicate, fiddly to use and rely on paper which can jam when damp. The MeteoMan overcomes all these problems. It provides an accurate, high resolution barograph recording in excess of five...

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The Meteoman is available with an optional NMEA Wind sensor which provides wind direction, wind speed and external temperature. The Meteoman provides reliable meteorological information for the yachtsman. The main display shows the wind speed and direction, the ambient temperature and the barometric pressure. MeteoMan can be connected to an NMEA Clipper Wind system where it will get wind speed/direction data via the Clipper wind output. NMEA Wind Sensor supplied with mounting brackets and 20 metres of two core screened cable. Optional cradle mount bracket NMEA 0183 sentences: Wind...

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MARINE INSTRUMENTS The AIS SART Radar is the first stand alone AIS receiver / plotter specifically designed for the leisure boat market. USER’S POSITION The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a shipboard broadcast VHF transponder system, sending data about the identity of a ship. Its name, MMSI number, its latitude, longitude, speed, course and heading. All vessels over 300 gross tonnage and all passenger vessels are obliged to carry an AIS transponder. This transponder assists in SELECTED TARGET’S DATA traffic monitoring, management and collision prevention. The data is sent...

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Optional cradle mount bracket input (RMC) from the boats GPS which puts the user at the centre of a radar style screen. A COG pointer is selectable by the user. All other AIS carrying vessels and SART transponders are displayed with bearing and range relative to the user. Any target on the screen can be selected by the user. The selected target is highlighted and its data displayed on the right of the screen. This data includes the vessel's MMSI number, name, course over ground, speed over ground, range, latitude and longitude. screen repeats the users GPS position, course and speed over...

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MARINE INSTRUMENTS The AIS Engine is supplied with a copy of ‘SeaClear’ chart software and a trial version of ‘Software on Board’, a data cable to connect to the 9 pin serial port of a PC and a 12 volt power cable. AIS Engine 3 & PC AIS Radar software AIS Engine 3 The AIS Engine and a conventional marine antenna are all you need to start plotting vessels on your PC or AIS compatible plotter. The SeaClear software runs in Windows 98 to 7, it includes a world map on which vessels are plotted. Any vessel on the screen can be selected and its AIS data displayed. This includes the vessels name,...

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The PC Navtex Pro is a two channel navtex receiver designed to operate on your personal computer. It will receive navtex messages even without your PC connected. PC Navtex Pro USB Technical Specifications • 518 and 490kHz message reception • LED’s for power and data • 12 volt supply with very low consumption - 27mA • Supports selected message printing • Supply voltage 10 to 16 volts DC • Dimensions 102 x 100 x 27mm Navtex messages are stored in a vast internal memory for you to download when you get on board. Down loading is quick and the software provided allows you to select the messages...

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MARINE INSTRUMENTS The BM-1 and BM-2 are designed to monitor performance of 12 volt lead acid battery systems with capacities of up to 600 Amp hours. They are supplied complete with precision shunts and prefabricated cable assemblies to enable simple DIY installation. Both units continuously monitor voltage, current (charge or discharge), number of amp/hours (charge or discharge), the battery’s state of charge and the time to charge or discharge. This information leads to more efficient use of the battery, which can enhance battery life and reduce the risk of failure. ACTUAL SIZE 100 AMP...

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Display unit Shunt link to M8 Ring terminal. High contrast LCD, backlit for night viewing 5 Metre from display unit to battery - fused and fitted with ring terminals for shunt, fuse holder and M8 ring terminal to battery. Minimum voltage visual alarm Standard 110mm square Clipper case Simple operation - 4 keys to select backlight, Volt/Amp/State of Charge screen, AMP hours or Time to run Specifications Supply voltage 8 - 16 Volts DC Supply current 1.5 milliamps Battery capacities 0 - 999 AMP Hour Load current 199 AMPS Maximum Charge current 199 AMPS Maximum Shunt Standard 50 millivolt @ 200...

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