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2007 Catalogue - 2

Meteoman Battery Monitor-1 Clipper Wind System Clipper Electronic Steering Compass • Ne AIS Engine o wF r 07 20 Fo w F or AIS RADAR e • Ne 1-3 4-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22 23 24 25 26-27 28 29 30-31 32-33 34 35-36 37 METEOMAN CONTENTS Clipper Duet & Clipper GPS Repeater Clipper Log & Clipper Depth PC Navtex Pro Clipper Navtex Target Navtex Pro-Plus Target Navtex Navtex Advisor Weatherman Target 2 Log & Depth Target 2 Wind & Compass Target HF3/W & HF3/P Cruiser Log/Depth/Wind/Compass Stingray Echo Sounder Accessories Line Drawings Nasa Marine - supporting the present -...

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2007 Catalogue - 3

The Meieoman Is available with an optional M MEA Meteo Man specifications "^rnd sensor which provFde* wind di ree tien, wind -i. tf, . . „ „ r A .nGSDriDTic nrci sure rt speed and external temperature. WA to tlODmb [USBt a-dJUÉ M=r tan bï LannrÉlrd '□ ¿n Cipppr Wiiid ave-lirfl where' i I vrlnrj sprHd.'Slrflclron rJwtifl via lhB CllppBT uilnrj gulpul. ,1F H Wind Sensor supplied wllh rrcur.tln D cors Ecreemfld sable. ,1ZH D163 sentences: Wind s peed Adi reel , rol1qg> Is strjiwn ?n tr-ff iispi&y wllh « rraeluHon □■ 0,1 . DpBi-aima cunemt iDOrnA (when iirisflwifti NMEA wind ewisor] OprcrjllTig...

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2007 Catalogue - 4

AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM The Automatic Identification System (AIS) Isa shipboard broadcast VHF transponder system, sending data about the identity of a ship. Its name, M MSI number, its latitude, longitude, speed, course and heading. All vessels over 300 gross tonnage ond oil passenger vessels are obliged to carry an AIS transponder. This Iransp-onater assists in fraiNc moni loting, monogemenl and collision prevention.The data is sent continuously and is useful to yachtsmen, particularly in busy shipping areas 5FI TC-TFTÌ TA'GETS PATA The NASA AIS radar li fritenderí prlrnnrliy for...

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2007 Catalogue - 5

A zoom feature a lows the range to be selected from lnm up to 32nrn and an alarm can be selected to give an audible warning if a vessel enters a preset range ring. Each vessefc status is shown by □ differì see- If a vessel Is underway, nt anchor. I screen clearly itiows trie vessels status. '■■Hi-fi fl[S FflflflF SETUP OPTfìKF level at jüriicn signals ■are ly.orí oirfait targete. flLtBTC tkiP rH^lAj in"n il.i I . up-j-jt-c h'üU-t -airi il cirri: nwd The receiver Is shnpleto Install requiring a lì volt power supply. a GPS friput and connection to a standard vrf aerial. ■ Ranges 1, 2.4, a, li...

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2007 Catalogue - 6

ÏJUÜ -■i:iL.¿,;-r. ¿/-^ J. ■ • =• UÏIUTJ, .■■■¿,ÍI¿J *-¿.MIÍ¿Í. ¿.Ki'iífr, i¿¿" -"¡-r.-.f -■■■r. Í ¡I-" ¿ ■JUJ-'J JI¿ ■ jak jailli -'-o jji^ji.'-.^. ■j i¿i>n¿t±ti !¿A muffii VL>..: - ii ^¿JH^ ÜÍJÍÍA-L-.'^'I^- ¡L. r.'^-. ¿jp.

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2007 Catalogue - 8

CLIPPER WIND SYSTEM CLIPPER CLOSE HAUL & RUNNING REPEATER This unit connects directly to the master wind unit. As well as repeating the wind speed it shows wind direction in high resolution when sailing close to - or running with the wind Actual Size SPECIFICATIONS q 7 level display backlighting q 5 metre single cable (extension cables available) q Consumption - 10mA + 25mA for backlight (max) CLIPPER WIND SYSTEM THE CLIPPER WIND SPEED AND DIRECTION INDICATOR CLIPPER WIND REPEATER The Clipper WIND showing the speed of 8.9 Knots and wind direction approximately 45 degrees from the port bow...

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2007 Catalogue - 9

CLIPPER ELECTRONIC STEERING COMPASS Actual Size When the steering function is selected a series of chevrons accumulate showing the magnitude and direction of the steering error. To stay on course simply turn the wheel in the direction of the chevrons until they are extinguished. The steering sensitivity can be preset by the user. The compact NMEA Fluxgate sensor, is fully gimballed and easy to install. The Clipper Compass showing a 15 degree error to starboard from the desired course An off course alarm provides a safety feature when not at the helm. If the heading deviates by more than a...

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2007 Catalogue - 10

A AW A B A IP T T LUE RD M H RI ED EN E B T MA BO TR R N AD I N E E SH O W U EQ A AW AT BL A U R IP M TH E R DED EN E IB T MA BO TR R N AD I N E E SH O W U EQ Combined Speed/Distance Log and Echo Sounder in standard 110mm square size. Suitable for cockpit mounting. Actual Size CLIPPER GPS REPEATER CLEARLY OUTSTANDING CLIPPER DUET Actual Size Position in Lat & Long Steering with speed To next waypoint name (defined by the user) CLIPPER DUET FEATURES q Depth Sounder in feet and metres. q Shallow Alarm and Keel Offset. q Complete with weather cover & Transducers. q Speed in MPH, Knots and...

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2007 Catalogue - 11

CLIPPER LOG CLIPPER DEPTH SOUNDER Actual Size Actual Size SPECIFICATIONS q 40mm high digits q Selectable speed averaging. q Speed (Knots/m.p.h.). q Tactile keypad q Trip Distance (N. Miles/Miles). q Complete with weather cover and paddlewheel unit. q Total Distance (N. Miles/Miles). q Trend indicator shows acceleration/deceleration. CLIPPER LOG REPEATER The Clipper Log repeater has a speed alarm function as well as repeating all data from the master unit. SPECIFICATIONS 18 q 7 level display backlighting q 5 metre single cable (extension cables available) q Consumption - 10mA+ 25mA for...

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2007 Catalogue - 13

. A Y A AT EL WA LO R IP M TH W DED EN E R T MA IBB TR O AD R I N N E E SH O W CLIPPER NAVTEX EQ U TARGET NAVTEX PRO-PLUS The clipper navtex is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in manufacturing navtex instruments. The compact display unit will grace any instrument panel with its sharp high contrast liquid crystal display. Standard features of the receiver include 518 and 490kHz message reception and a non volatile program memory If your sailing is confined to one particular area, then you need program the unit only once. Though it will of course receive every station worldwide...

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