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CONTROLLABLE PITCH PROPELLER This model is mainly used in small- to mid-sized vessels. A hydraulic cylinder for controlling the blade angle is installed in the cylinder shaft inside the vessel. The force generated by the hydraulic cylinder is transmitted to the propeller hub via a push/pull rod, in order to adjust the blade angle. This simple structure reduces maintenance costs. The inside of the hub is lubricated with grease to prevent oil leaks, eliminating concerns over environmental pollution.  HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT Blade Angle Indicator Control Handle Push-buotton AHEAD ASTERN Flow Regulator Potentiometer Follow-up Transmitter Solenoid Valve Indicator Ring Line Filter Relief Valve AHEAD ASTERN Stand-by Pump Main Pump Oil Cooler Suction Filter Suction Filter CONTROLLABLE PITCH PROPELLER The controllable blade angle enables the vessel to move forward or backward and stop more easily. When used in combination with a side thruster, controllable pitch propellers are highly practical when vessel speed needs to be changed frequently, for example when entering or leaving port, leaving shore, or docking. In case of an emergency stop, this type of propeller can immediately respond by going from full forward to full reverse. Since the blade angle can be adjusted, vessel speed can be freely adjusted, with the engine running at the most efficient load. Use of a controllable pitch propeller can reduce both fuel consumption and NOx emissions. RECORD Tankers, Ferries, Tugboats, Fishing vessels, Work

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