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Head Office/Works :688-1, Joto-Kltagata, Hlgashl-Ku. Okayama 709-0625, Japan Tokyo Branch :5th Floor, Sawa Bldg., 2-2, 2-Chome, Nlshlshlnbashl, Mlnato-Ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan Office: Kitanihon, Osaka, Fukuoka

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Model XL CPP - 2

CONTROLLABLE PITCH PROPELLER HYDRAULIC SYSTEM-OPERATION The hydraulic system of Model XL-EP consists of head tank, sump tank, hydraulic pump module, control module. transfer pump module and oil cooler. Oil flow is much smaller, about 1 /3 of that in CPP of medium pressure (3.5 ~4.0MPa) as hydraulic system with high pressure (12.5MPa) is applied. Oil from main pump is supplied to O.T. Box through proportional control valve with high sensitivity and oil from O.T. Box is supplied to one room of cylinder in hub through double covered oil pipe passing inside O.T. shaft and propeller shaft and...

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