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mmyj^^umm DRIVING AND CONTROL There are the following three driving/control methods. (1) Hydraulic Motor Driving •By electric control, oil to come in hydraulic motor is changed by solenoid valve pushing button from wheelhouse, thereby direction of propeller revolution changes and direction of •By Marol method or electric control etc., oil quantity to come out of marine directional control valve is controlled thereby magnitude of thrust and direction of thrust can be controlled •Applicable for rather small horse power. (2) Electric Motor Driving •By changing direction of motor revolution by push button from wheelhouse, direction of thrust is controlled. •Motor is of cage type, control for motor speed unavailable. •By control dial in wheelhouse, direction of thruster is attained by controlling direction of output shaft revolution of reduction gear and magnitude of thrust attained by controlling engine •Applicable for a range from small horse power to rather large horse power but depending on selected engine type. }tol±®&-^mm HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT&WIRING STANDARD HYD. CIRCUIT (HYD. MOTOR DRIVE) STANDARD ELEC. CIRCUIT (ELEC. MOTOR DRIVE) REVERSE UNIT FIXED PITCH x^x^com Efts gmtettfiomz, mmizftmrnizm® i-hin-jwv? owo *auii*» 1S09001 *BEBa&i/c was*-. NAKASHIMA PROPELLER CO.,LTD. Head Office/Works: 688-1, Joto-Kitagata, Higashi-ku, Okayama, 709-0625, Japan Tokyo Branch Office:Kitanihon, Osaka, Fukuoka 5th Floor, Sawa FJIdg., 2-2, 2-Chome, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan

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SIDE THRUSTER(FIXED PITCH Gear Housing Drive Shaft Carrier Propeller Shaft ttilif 7L^ PLANNING SPECIFICATION (Note)The above shows Model TFN-100S. (1) Prime mover is available by means of reversible hydraulic motor, reversible electric motor or diesel engine. Direction of thrust can be obtained by controlling direction of -■ revolution and any thrust in the range by controlling prime mover (2) Simple structure and easy maintenance. (3) Lubrication at turning and rubbing positions inside thruster unit is of oil soaking system therefore oil supply inspection *is* not Header tank is arranged...

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