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Model TCT thruster

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i-t>y^ • TCTiy+t-r ^x^x^m\s.x^x^Mt^ itt%z.£{z&-DZ,)miKyyiL-y Hzmvsnrcm The side thruster model TCT consists of the thruster body, the hydraulic pump unit for pitch change, the remote control system, and the prime mover. Operating the control dial on the wheelhouse control panel or the portable-controller dial activates the solenoid valve in the hydraulic pump unit. This then sends pressure oil from the hydraulic pump to the inside of the cylinder (cross head) located within the hub of the thruster. The oil moves the crosshead directly, which in turn gets transmitted to the sliding shoe and crank ring, changing the blade angle accordingly.The propeller pitch is transmitted from the OT. tube to the feedback transmitter via a chain, which is then displayed on the control panel indicator. Head Office/Works :688-l, Joto-Kitagata, Higashi-ku, Okayama, 709-0625, Japan Tokyo Branch :5th Floor, Sawa Bldg, 2-2, 2-Chome, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan Office:Kitanihon, Osaka, Fukuoka

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SIDE THRUSTER CONTROLLABLE PITCH PROPELLER mm& t © ±±ai" b r\ x > x ^ y x tf^m izr&o Years of experience in the propeller industry have culminated in the design of the TCT model: a new thruster that yields greater thrust while being more compact in size. Redesigned blades based on tank tests and a strengthened body have helped us develop a thruster with much greater thrust compared to our previous A reduced thruster length makes it possible to install the unit further forward in the hull, thereby allowing a greater turning moment. (3) Minimum Vibration - Low Noise Through various tank tests...

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