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Stand Up Paddle Collection

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Naish Boardriding At Naish we’re not afraid to tread our own path. Based on Maui, Hawaii, we began life as an innovative windsurfing company and over the years, have evolved and grown into the brand you see today. With wind, water and waves in our blood, team Naish has always looked for new and exciting ways to help everyone enjoy the world of boardriding. Proud of our heritage, we embrace our past while constantly looking forward for ways to improve. Today we are a leading force in windsurfing, kiteboarding, and stand up paddling. With multiple world championship titles in each sport and...

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Stand Up Paddle Collection Stand up Boards SUP Board Selector Nalu Series Mana Series Alana Series Glide Series Javelin Series Hokua Series Board Features Board Technology Board Specs Paddles Paddle Selector Paddle Features & Technology Bags & Accessories Travel Bags

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Board Selector nalu series mana series All-around Cruising/Wave Performance Racing alana series Compact All-around Wave hokua series Women’s All-around Cruising/Wave All-around Cruising Performance Wave hokua 9’5” hokua 9’0” hokua 8’5” Gt Gt Gt glide series Inflatable All-around Cruising/Racing

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Touring/Racing/All-around Cruising The ONE 12’6” is the ultimate inflatable board for all-around cruising, long distance touring and N1SCO one design racing. It features a sleek race outline, 30 inches of width and 6 inches of thickness for incredible rigidity, stability and speed. It also has an integrated number guide on the deck pad for referencing proper stance position. N1SCO stands for “Naish International SUP Class Organization” which is a one design racing class where all riders compete exclusively on the ONE 12’6”. N1SCO competitions include sprint, intermediate distance and long...

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All-around Cruising NALU Air 11’0” The Nalu Air 11’0” features a world-renowned Nalu design for directional gliding, touring and longboard wave riding. It has a long, narrow outline and added thickness for paddling comfort and directional stability. The progressive rocker line provides longboard maneuverability for the surf. Diamond groove Heat embossed Maximum traction and durability The Nalu Air 10’2” features a smaller-scale Nalu shape for lighter riders wanting value and directional glide in an all-around inflatable design. It has a narrower outline, thinner profile and progressive...

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Wide & Stable All-around Cruising/Wave Mana Air 11’6” Diamond groove Heat embossed Maximum traction and durability The Mana Air 11’6” features a mega-stable, full body design making it the most stable and rigid performance-oriented inflatable designed for any size rider at any skill level. • 10.0 Slide in Fin + Fixed Side Fins The Mana Air 10’0” features an all-around, wide-style design ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding with comfort and stability. The progressive rocker provides turning performance and maneuverability for the surf. Package Includes 1. High...

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The Crossover Air 11’0’’ is an incredibly versatile inflatable board for both windsurfing and stand-up paddling. It features an M8 universal insert for attaching a windsurfing rig and offers outstanding sailing performance in light to moderate wind conditions. It also has a slide-in dagger fin for upwind performance regardless of wind strength. Key Features • Mast/Board Connector • 2 x 10.0 Slide in Fins Mast/Board Connector For stand-up paddling, the Crossover is designed with a low rocker, narrow outline and added thickness for directional stability and long glides. This makes it the...

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Women’s All-around Cruising The Alana Air 10’6” features a smaller-scale, wide-style design for women wanting a stable, all-around, easy-to-carry board. It features a progressive rocker line for maneuverability, and a thinner profile to make it easy to carry. Ideal for riders up to 195 lbs/88 kg Diamond groove Heat embossed Maximum traction and durability Package Includes 1. High pressure gauge pump 2. Canvas carry pack 3. Repair kit 4. 10.0 Slide in Fin

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nalu series boards: nalu series All-around Cruising/Wave Versatile, easy-to-ride longboards for flatwater cruising, fitness training and wave riding. The Nalu 11’6” GT/GS features a full body design for everything from entry level paddling, to flatwater cruising, to surfing. The performance characteristics make it the perfect one-board choice for the whole family. It is 5 1/2” thick with full rounded rails and a timeless longboard rocker line. This design provides amazing stability for a phenomenally wide range of use. Ideal for riders up to 250 lbs/113kg The Nalu 11’4” GT/GS features an...

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nalu series boards: nalu series All-around Cruising/Wave nalu 10’10” GT/GS The Nalu 10’10” GT/GS is an all-around, extra stable design for touring, carrying gear, tandem paddling and small surf. It features a radical multi-concave bottom shape that channels the water from nose to tail. The multi-channel bottom combined with the low rocker makes it glide incredibly straight for a wide board of its length. The wide outline and slightly recessed deck in the standing area provide unmatched stability. The forward deck has eight insert holes for a bungee accessory to carry coolers and gear. Ideal...

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boards: odysseus All-around Cruising The most stable “do-anything” board for any size paddler of any skill level. Designed for all-around cruising, exploring, learning the basics and riding small waves, it features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, mid-section and tail for phenomenal stability. The recessed deck, full rails, squared tail and well-balanced design add further stability and give it a huge sweet spot whether the rider is paddling in a straight line, pivot turning or standing still. The quad-concave bottom design channels the water from nose to tail for unbelievable...

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