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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 3

Experience Naish is a company with a rich legacy of performance boardriding. Based on Maui, Hawaii, we are one of the world’s premier developers of windsurfing and kiteboarding products, with unparalleled experience in composite boardriding technology and construction. Naish has become a global leader in performance board sports—from founder Robby Naish and his 24 World Titles in windsurfing and kiteboarding, to master designer/shapers Rick Naish and Harold Iggy, with their combined experience of over 90 years. From our young, dedicated international development team, to our team riders...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 16

Contents Stand-up Paddle SUP Board Selector Nalu Series Hokua Series Mana Series Glide Series Board Technology Paddle Technology Travel Bags Board Bags

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 20

Stand-up Board Product Selector Nalu Series All-around longboard versatility Hokua Series Performance shortboard-style

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 21

2011 Mana Series Short, wide & stable Glide Series Flatwater touring & racing

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 22

Nalu Series All-around longboard versatility Longboard style SUP’s that are easy to ride and offer outstanding performance in a wide range of conditions. The Nalu series is the ideal choice for first time paddlers, flatwater cruisers, small wave surfers and highperformance wave riders. CONSTRUCTION: Sandwich Wood or AST FIN SET-UP: Single CONSTRUCTION: Sandwich Wood or AST FIN SET-UP: 2+1 or Single The Nalu 11’6” is the standard by which all other full sized SUPs are judged. This board is thick and stable, and surfs rail-to-rail like a much shorter board. Suitable for riders even above 200...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 24

Nalu Series All-around longboard versatility Nalu 10’6” CONSTRUCTION: Sandwich Wood FIN SET-UP: 2+1 CONSTRUCTION: Sandwich Wood FIN SET-UP: 2+1 The Nalu 10’6”, with its single-concave nose, double-concave center section and V–tail, is a one board solution for the middle-weight rider up to 200 pounds. It has classic lines, great stability, and the size to handle everything from knee slappers to double overhead surf. While working with Dave Kalama, Harold Iggy created the Nalu 9’6” to bring his powerful longboard style of riding to the SUP world. The single-concave bottom offers plenty of...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 26

Hokua Series Performance shortboard-style The Hokua series combines shortboard surfing characteristics with the cutting-edge performance of modern SUP design. These boards excel at pumping down the line, tail slides and massive carving turns. Yet, they provide float and glide to maximize your ride. The Hokua 11’6” Gun is the ultimate SUP for serious big surf. The singleconcave entry with a slight doubleconcave mid-section and V-tail, is combined with extra width in the nose area to help you get in early. The narrow pintail shape delivers the speed and control you need for going big. It is...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 28

Hokua Series Performance shortboard-style With the sport of stand-up paddling growing at a high speed, the development of performance SUP boards does not come to a stop. After setting the standard in short board style stand-up boards, we came up with two new designs that are poised to raise the existing standard. Both boards combine a single-concave entry section in the nose area with a double-concave center section leading into an accelerated V out the tail. The increased tail kick allows these shapes to release off the top effortlessly while the center V-section keeps the shape loose and...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 30

Mana Series Short, wide and stable Stand-up paddling and catching waves has never been easier. These compact shapes offer great “throw-around” handling and outstanding stability. The Mana 10’5’’ ASA is a beginner board designed for flatwater. Its width and stability make it incredibly easy for people of all weights and sizes. The short length of the Mana 10’5’’ allows for effortless turning. It features ASA skin technology, which makes it extremely durable and the ultimate board for beginners, hotels, resorts, and beach rentals. No learning necessary, just stand up and paddle! CONSTRUCTION:...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 32

Mana Series Short, wide and stable Mana 9’5’’ + Mana 9’5” AST The Mana 9’5” is the smaller sibling to the 10’0’’. It’s an awesome first board for lighter riders in small surf or larger riders looking for superb wave performance with added float and stability. CONSTRUCTION: Sandwich Wood or AST FIN SET-UP: 2+1 The Mana 9’0” is the ideal choice for lighter riders in small surf, or heavier riders looking for increased floatation in a shorter board. The Mana 9’0” fuses a compact design with a wider platform, offering incredible stability and easy maneuvering in the surf. The Mana’s exaggerated...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 34

Glide Series Flatwater touring and racing With the Naish Glide, you’ll never look at flatwater the same way again. For everything from recreational paddling and fitness training to competitive racing, the Glide range sets a new standard in SUP. The Glide 17’0” is a pure distance race board with one target in mind… WINNING! It is Dave Kalama’s board of choice for racing. Experience amazing glide in flatwater and lightning speed in the biggest open ocean swells. It features a rudder system that allows adjustment between goofy and regular foot riders. CONSTRUCTION: Carbon FIN SET-UP: Steering...

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2011 Naish SUP Catalog - 35

soft rails, create an extremely efficient water line. At 26-1/8” wide, it is still stable enough for average paddlers, yet provides the sleek streamlined properties that make it a race winner for the advanced paddler. The Javelin slices through chop and provides outstanding acceleration and speed with minimal effort. It is the perfect board for long distance flatwater cruising, fitness training and racing. CONSTRUCTION: Carbon or AST FIN SET-UP: Single With surf-style racing events like the “Battle of the Paddle” gaining popularity, we developed a flatwater stand-up paddle board to fit the...

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