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Welcome to our World. It’s a world of wind and waves, of calm and storm, of raw power and timeless style. Our world is one of friendship and of peaceful solitude. Our world blends wisdom and youth for technical innovation and playful experimentation built from our passion and our dreams. Welcome to our world, a world powered by Nature.

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Built on a modular platform both the Kite Performance Freeride and Freemove Foil packages are the perfect option for rising above the water’s surface. Both of these foils provide enough performance for advanced users with the stability and control perfect for beginners.

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FOILS COMPLETE SETS KITE PERFORMANCE FREERIDE COMPLETE - ABRACADABRA Freeride Foiling Front Wing: 93 in2/600 cm2 Back Wing: 32.9 in2/212 cm2 Mast Length: 95 cm FREEMOVE FOIL JET 1050 COMPLETE - ABRACADABRA Kite/Surf/Wake/Windsurf Foiling Front Wing: 162.8 in2/1050 cm2 Back Wing: 49.6 in2/320 cm2 Mast Length: 75 cm

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FOIL ONSTRUCTION & FEATURES C STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE TITANIUM HARDWARE INTERCHANGEABLE BOARD MOUNTS Added versatility (Screws not included) AIRCRAFT GRADE EXTRUDED ALUMINUM Stiffness + corrosion resistance + low weight Highest accuracy + optimized smoothness (Screws not included) TITANIUM HARDWARE CONSTRUCTION & FEATURES 2020 introduces a plethora of new features to our foils with new wing designs and constructions, a redesigned fuselage and new hardware. Each foil is modular, each part is easily changed by turning a couple screws, allowing you to customize your foil for your exact needs....

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KITE PERFORMANCE FREERIDE COMPLETE - ABRACADABRA FREERIDE FOILING COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES ■ Abracadabra Plate ■ 95 cm mast ■ Surf Fuselage ■ Kite Front Wing ■ Stabilizer 320 Backwing ■ Titanium Assembly Screw Set (3x30mm M6 Titanium Torx screws - 3x30mm M6 Stainless Steel Torx screws - 5x 20 mm M6 Titanium Torx screws) ■ 4 x 30 mm M6 Stainless steel Torx screws and 4 x stainless steel T-nuts ■ Foil Wing Covers and Carry Case Included Wing Covers PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The 2020 Kite Performance Freeride foil set continues to progress forward from our 2019 systeim Not only increasing performance...

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ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS The Naish Foil System utilizes M6 bolts throughout. Remember that foils are utilized in a very corrosive marine environment, so here are four important tips to maximize the life of your foil: (3) M6 30 mm Titanium Torx Mast Screws ABRACADABRA PLATE Naish Plate Options Attaching Abracadabra or Standard Plate to the Board Abracadabra Plate 1) Whenever possible, apply anti-seizing compound to the screw threads before assembling. 2) Always use the Torx head screw driver to avoid damaging the screw slots. 3) Disassemble and rinse with fresh water after each use. Standard...

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2020 Kite Performance Freeride Front Wing WING COVERS 2020 Front Wing Cover Kite Performance Freeride 600 2020 Board Mount Screw Set– Standard Plate (Torx) 2019 Fuselage KS/Surf 2020 Complete Foil Assembly Screw Set Four (4) M6 25 mm Stainless Steel Torx Screws Four (4) M6 Stainless Steel T-nuts Three (3) M6 30 mm Titanium Torx Screws Three (3) M6 30 mm Stainless Steel Torx Screws Five (5) M6 20 mm Titanium Torx Screws 2020 Stabilizer Cover Kite Performance Freeride 210 FOILBOARD MOUNTS 2020 Board Mount Screw Set– Abracadabra Plate (Torx) Four (4) M6 30 mm Stainless Steel Torx Screws Four...

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Whether you’re starting to foil or have years of experience, the Naish foilboard range has something for everyone from the ultra compact and responsive Hover 112 to the stable and easy to use Hover 160.

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HOVER 112 Expert Foiling US: 3’8”x18”x11/2” CM: 112x45.7x3.8 V: 12.3 L HOVER 127 Expert Foiling US: 4’2”x18”x11/2” CM: 127x45.7x3.8 V: 14.2 L HOVER WAKE 5’0” Multi-Sport Platform US: 5’0”

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A.) High Tensile Fiberglass = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio B.) 35 kg EPS Closed Cell Core = Lightweight and low water absorption A A.) Biax 450 Glass = No-crimp high strength stitched fiberglass B.) UD 300 Glass = Unidirectional E-glass fabrics for high performance and high fiber content C.) UD 300 Glass Patch = Extra strength only where it is needed D.) Paulownia Low Density Wood Core = Lightweight and strong (Not shown) Triax 600 Glass Patch = Extra strength only where it is needed A.) Biax 450 Glass = No-crimp high strength stitched fiberglass B.) ¾ UD 300 Glass = Unidirectional...

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FOILBOARDS FEATURES A. FLAT TAIL/MIDSECTION Early planing surface FEATURES Naish Hover foilboards have everything you want and nothing you don’t need. All boards come with full EVA deck pads, footstrap inserts, track mounting systems and more. B. ROUNDED EDGES More forgiving ride C. V-NOSE WITH BEVEL Reduces pearling when touching down D. FULL 3D DOUBLE DENSITY DECK PAD G. PAULOWNIA LOW DENSITY WOOD CORE Excellent comfort + cushioning + traction + flotation Absolute precision shaping Maximum stiffness with minimal weight when launched Easy foil adjustment F. INSERT SCREWS INCLUDED

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FOILBOARDS FEATURES I. FLAT ROCKER LINE T. FAST ROCKER LINE M. EXTREME COMPACT DESIGN N. DOUBLE UD DECK FIBERGLASS REINFORCEMENT Early planing surface Maximum stiffness with minimal weight Durable with a responsive feel & minimal weight Non-foil wakesurf/kiting Minimalist board Increases stiffness & board feedback when launched Responsive feel & minimal weight Convenient foil adjustment Minimalist board Snappy + control + release off the top for use without the foil S. COMPACT BALANCED OUTLINE The ability to carve a nice turn in the pocket, ideal for small waves and boat wakes. Speed while...

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HOVER 112EXPERT FOILING Length Width Thickness Volume 3'8"/112 cm 18745.7 cm 11/273.8 cm 12.3 L WHO'S IT FOR? Intermediate to expert foil kiters. WHAT DOES IT DO? Gives the rider the most precise and direct control while foiling. WHY IS IT UNIQUE? No board matches the control and response of the Hover 112 when foiling. FEATURES Extreme Compact Design Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad Rounded Edges CNC Shape Double UD Deck Fiberglass Reinforcement (2) 10" US Boxes Lightweight RECOMMENDED FOIL HOVER 127EXPERT FOILING Length Width Thickness Volume 4'2"/127 cm 18745.7 cm 11/2"/3.8 cm 14.2 L WHO'S...

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