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Company Profile AIAD DYNAMICS™ IS THE FUSION OF LEGENDARY Stabilizer and Ride Control System manufacturers Naiad Marine Systems, Maritime Dynamics, Vosper Motion Control, Vosper Stabilizers, VT Marine Products and KoopNautic Holland. The full integration of these jointly-owned businesses occurred in early 2009 when NAIAD MARITIME GROUP, INC acquired all global operations and reorganized them as NAIAD DYNAMICS with interlinked facilities across the USA, in the UK and Netherlands. The global business draws on a wealth of experience and advanced technologies, operating as a completely unified entity, from research & development to worldwide The company traces its heritage from 1941 when NAIAD in the USA was first established as a precision manufacturer for the aerospace industry, a legacy continued to this day. The company's history is linked to Sperry Marine in the 1970's and includes Maritime Dynamics revolutionary work for the US Navy and the fast ferry industry in the 1980's. The company also traces its stabilization roots to 1891 when Sir John Thornycroft engineered and provided a stabilization system for the yacht Cecile. Vosper and Thornycroft joined in 1966 (later becoming VT Group pic) and the rich history of the Vosper Stabilizer business continues today, an integral part of NAIAD DYNAMICS. Applications & Expertise Responsible for more than 10,000 stabilization systems in the luxury yacht, commercial ship and military ship markets—including 46 of the world's Navies, most of the world's fast ferries, and more luxury yachts than any other company. The combined fielded experience and technical expertise of NAIAD DYNAMICS is unmatched in marine motion Proven applications include displacement and planing monohulls, catamarans, trimarans, surface effect ships (SES), SWATH, SLICE, RHIBS and other advanced hull forms from 10 Recent military applications include the US Navy's first Littoral Combat Ship, the In-House Capabilities Extensive FEA engineering design, CFD hydrodynamic design, naval architecture and structural analysis, highly correlated proprietary ship modeling and simulation, full CNC manufacturing to US military aerospace standards, fabrication, full scale assembly and testing, tear down and repair facilities, dynamometer load testing, motion simulation hydraulic testing, electrical assembly and testing laboratory, extensive software

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Technological Innovation The company is credited with some of the most significant marine motion control innovations of the modern era, including: S 1st ship Ride Control System "RCS" (simultaneous and continuous control of roll and pitch and often other ship motions) S 1st commercial ferry and military ship RCS S 1st Classification Society type-approved RCS S 1st RCS with a fully integrated Auto Pilot S 1st Active T-foil RCS and retractable T-foil RCS S 1st use of Fins to provide zero forward speed stabilization (Stabilization@Anchor™) S 1st hydro-mechanical gyroscope controller for...

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