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1800 East Borchard Avenue

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Ream Installation-------. Rudder Kkk up System (Pninatk)... Diamond Wíe Tension Ad(ustment..

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Nacra - 5

í ■ - ^ i! .r ■ = :L-,1 You arc i»w the proud own« of one of ihc most high performance and fun catamarans mode today This owner s manual is piuvklcd Cucare assembly. matrucnarKC and use of your Nacra Ominaran Please read through completely before .tuning and utilise the £tnmuy of term* If needed We believe these instructions portray che simplest method* Do if our way the first time and learn from us Then, if you discover a better method, icci free to tell us about IT. YOU may *cc your Idea appearing n the next edition We hope you will enjoy yxxix Nacra Catamaran* Make sure co join the...

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Nacra - 6

roois you'll need: Phillips head and regular 90PM driver Au>i*ul>fc crescerli wtench Tape measure HULL ASSEMBLY Place hulls appro* # apart i>n a level «irface using the box end* i<> hold Z. Open the hardware box and familurttc yourself with ihe major parts uf your boat. The contents of the hardware box should include The contents will be listed on the sheet enclosed

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Nacra - 7

OuLtldc cdftcs from LTOMIUT 4. Remove beam cap* on ffoni crostar then slide the ffoni of trampoline into slot in hcam 5. Gradually ;iixJ equally ilioV IXJUI aide* of the trampoline into the rail* on ea<h hull Pull hobi side* f/ trw* trampoline aft go that th*1 tramnolrte is fntty cnjtigcd in the rail» And tfw* main hc¿m rras loosely In ïhr chock*. In.x-rt PVC luhc in %loi at rear cri tramp.

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Nacra - 8

rear beam strap* Notch Beardless Boats straps - 8 W (all straps) '. rb tard txtatsmain liearn strap* - tT, Rear beam straps -BViV etcd to the Inside of the hul! ruit under the forward chockJ Rotaie- the main beam to thai the beam hole wilt ali^n wtih the W"hole tapped in the main Inani chock. Note: Do not instil) internal beam castina; yet 8 Dtp the met* of the bram strap hot* wo the grease cup making sure all thfeads Jfr coaled. "Thread the greased bolts into the tar>ped ho£e> in the hull so that the team is strapped snug to the hull. Do not completely tighten the bolls at this stage. Be...

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Nacra - 9

washer ttircju^Jt an interna) beamcattirg soibai ihc thread* are exiting oui the curved aide. Dip the ho* into the <Aip Piace the unit into ibe main Iwaiïi and carefully thread K irttu 10 On the same hull. «rap the aft ho*m m place, being «ire Nul the «<»p (riveted 00 the underside of the aft beam) buns up agJintf the ncanng tt>Rg<rivcred to the hull under the aft chock). J t Strap the aft beam in place oft rhc other hull m the same manner N¡ íe. Rear tvam v fell ton angle vane?* according to OK del Traveler pedes tal caw \--f; should he parallel with the decks Wnii boom rijp the...

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Nacra - 10

fully, feed the trapeze shock cord through beam mounting bolo.. [team ftrap* should

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Nacra - 11

pt»Cfi lu uricni the hbdt chips *n t*\vn load b hcing applfd *k«M ihr hrtm Hlrap Lift OM bW ¿wul *hakr thr hoat gently fettgliien Check often. 14. T\c ihe tnmp IJIV line U>«in ilï N JUI iiriprvr Runthr linr ...ui (he exposed PVC uh* Jitd ehm rrtum the line through ihc^ime mç eye. Lead (he line to the nett eye in km1 J» J luck ¿mund the PVC KrptMi thi% p^vrrfufc uriti 'he frimpul-nr n lirrd <* hack IA ifw Kxjr.rjnu and fxil ihc line ttftii J* j> w*hk **'the mmpolmr putt* tint-it rj*hr>r »n wcemon ricfrff the Luir* I» 11 (J** 1**4 <4rjpeye

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Nacra - 13

O 2 UUcf itiock MrmhlÉr» 17. Mach the tiller etterk 4wem ins coder ring* M both of the ' hjl)*jd ui m «Irougn the BÜCT from ihe Jorrad ««J u*t tbe phed Hetorr i n^the rudder ihock cord tbc itkr ahocfc LTird and up io der UKTtft A Vnnliin- kr* * *nj fxjll the *í*xA i<*d *i J r><-1 Jk" BOM Ü jfjeUhcdout rut the hu>hnf( iratdc the * 4 r* -J--* i *. ! u i fa then* back rtudr (he ufet unni ne bwranjt ¿karu> »m eke bole* n ihe titer Kah the Va* boll on the end of The uè tur cod fain* tbruuph i it hole and I ual tog itvn *n*h w*h the wuher and nu Nut *ü be on uut^de of tiler Do on mhten yei ThU...

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Nacra - 14

elevi* ptn> provided. HtCG nylon «istus reduce play. Nou turn tighten W nytock nuts. NOTt: Itw* nu: rnu*lie lightened uñen w llul ine ' 11 ir 1; doea not spin systems, remove spin rint; and i'lei'U jwn fruiti the unit. Snap I he pUfr* ite unit ofXo the tiUer of the plastic unii bring forward- Then alj$n t\vt tunng it wîih the «çdit ring. 22> Peed the rudder pull down line from ihe head of the rudder over the devia loop tt*infi a bowline knor down Into sailing position 23 lïoJt the hiking alkk to

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Nacra - 15

RUDDER ALIGNMENT 2* Lûwtr Jftd kwltttown htrti rutldtm ( moke mnr tip*(tonnt hit gnxintlV Turn the ruJdir% pttkttly *tr;ujitY LI uiling ft™ jrd (cdgr* tithcdMiittrbrrww-r the rating edge* t% jprjtrr th*n thx i t the trort oliaci, fengihrn thr tiler afrn&rr fty —Wfcp * r r - (btuncr between Uw tnmt edflr* fc r/rater thin chit <>f J m ir ¿lita edge* ihurwn the iillei * bf Krtwing it n <3nc mpiplric turn i* ■/»■ of m inch Altivh *d|i i-*» - * "ii of tiller cmrfuf to III 1er h KjnipU» If the distraer bfC**W ilv ftpH "ifle* i*H6* and the dirime hrlwrrn thr tniling rdgr* i* H6 VA unmrrw thv...

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Nacra - 16

jutter plaie, leading wire through : !"'■ iramp tocl miikllc hole» í'ci each ;ude so (be wire Is snug Note; you may ¿7 ITic pins are Included. In a separate hag 1 ne lib care have xwjlkd pad eyes. Rcmirtt the wtih tru* ty.œnv Remove and 29- Attach the -mull bullet block using a shackle Shackle the jibbkxkMo each of the 2 bullet blocks on the crossfire. Adjust the den angle as high The i1 block» have a ratchet which can be turned otTand on by using ihe 30 TV IMII 'A* M A* 1 .■'»* line completely jnmrvl the p4ì M*n k dtjtblr. mrt through. Ijrad the line around the hullei hlork nn the artjuMee...

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