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INTRODUCTION This owner’s manual is provided to ease assembly, maintenance and use of your Prindle Catamaran. We believe these instructions portray the simplest methods. Do it our way the first time and learn from us. Then, if you discover a better method, feel free to tell us about it by faxing (714) 541-6643 or e-mailing You may see your idea appear in the next edition of the owner’s manual. We are sure you will enjoy your Prindle Catamaran and hope that this manual will make your enjoyment easier to come by. Make sure you join the Prindle Class Association - it’s...

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Prindle 18-2 & 19 Owner’s Manual Section I: ASSEMBLY Preparation Tools needed: large screwdriver pliers needle-nose pliers 1/2” offset wrench combination 1/2” & 9/16 box-end wrench adjustable wrench silicone sealant Your Prindle Catamaran comes packaged in two hull containers, one large hardware box and one mast box. Place the two hull containers approximately 6 feet apart with stapled seams at the top of the Open the hardware box and familiarize yourcartons facing each other. This will insure that self with the major parts of your boat. The contents of the hardware box should include: both...

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If the 3/88” bolts bind at all, remove the bolts and check fit of bolt without the beam on. DO NOT force bolts as you could strip out the aluminum plate inside the hull. If the bolt continues to bind, use a 3/8-16 tap and rethread the hole to rectify the problem. Tighten all rear beam bolts until about 1/8” from being fully snug. This allows beams to properly align themselves. Snug down all 8 bolts and then tighten all 8 bolts. Lay both the front and rear cross bars on the hulls with the outside edges even with the outside edges of the hulls. The curf (groove) on the front crossbar should...

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The trapezes are continuous from one hull to the other. TRAMPOLINE Lead trapeze shockcords before putting trampoline on hulls. Tie one piece of 1/8" x 2’ paracord to one end of shock cord using a small bowline knot. If one of the fairleads should come loose during assembly, simply apply some silicone sealant and push into place. To install the trampoline, first unzip and remove the rear section. Slip the front of the trampoline onto the front crossbar. Feed the line through the white fairlead on side of hull and out the other side. Continue across to the other hull and repeat procedure. 5

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Center the trampoline in the front. Lace up the back of the trampoline with 1/4" x 19’ lacing line. Begin by tying a double overhand knot in one end of the line and thread through the right/aft grommet. Slide the sides down each side of the trampoline track. Two people are needed here. Slide the rear piece and zip the two pieces together. 6

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Always tighten rear lace line first. Stand at the back of the boat and tighten lines by bracing your foot or knee on the rear crossbar for leverage. Pull tight. Tie line off under trampoline. Do not trim excess line as it leaves something to hold onto when re-tightening trampoline. Tighten starting at the front. Complete lacing. Lace up the side of the trampoline with 1/4" x 19’ lacing line. Begin by tying a double overhand knot in one end of the line and thread through the forward/inboard grommet. 7

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STANDARD JIB SYSTEM Attach jib adjuster plate to both sides. Attach jib block to padeye on side jib tracks. Note: there will be an aluminum cleat on the deck just forward on the jib track, this is for future addition of the 4-way jib system as is the "sock" on the trampoline. Attach jib crosswire to adjuster plate, leading wire through the tramp sock, choosing one of four middle holes on each side so the wire is snug. NOTE: You may find it necessary to remove the plate to put the "O" ring on the clevis pin. DELUXE 4-WAY JIB SYSTEM The parts are included in a separate bag. Attach the small...

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Shackle the jib blocks to each of the two bullet blocks on the crosswire. Adjust the cleat angle as high as possible using the side set screws. Most people prefer this position. The jib blocks have a ratchet which can be turned off and on by using the button on the side of the block. Tie each 1/4" x 8 1/2’ line completely around the jib block shackle – not through. Lead the line around the bullet block on the adjuster plate and through the aluminum cleat on the opposite side of the boat leading line through the trampoline sock. 9

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Lead the shockcord through both loops in the lines around jib shackles and tie shockcord together. Slide the knot into the sock to hide from view. Entire 4-way system completed. JIB SHEET Tie a 1/4" shackle to the middle of the 3/16" x 6’ line provided. Tie the small jib clew blocks to each end of the line using a small bowline. Thread the 5/16" x 33’ jib sheet line by tying off one end to jib ratchet block with a bowline. Thread through small jib clew blocks, through cleat of jib block, across trampoline and through opposite jib block in opposite direction. Jib sheet should be one...

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RUDDER SYSTEM TILLER CROSSBAR Remove cradles out from under hulls and peel off protecting paper from Prindle logo on hull. Open rudder box, it should contain: left & right rudder castings with tiller arms and complete workings installed, and two rudder blades with lock pins attached. To attach tiller crossbar to tiller arms, remove 1/4" bolt, washer, and lock nut from end of tiller arm. Place tiller crossbar over tillers with large hole at end facing up and end cap pop rivet facing aft. Drop 1/4" bolt down through crossbar, putting washer between tiller crossbar and tiller arm. Insert 1/4"...

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Tiller extension should be able to touch trampoline easily. If it does not, the tiller crossbar has been installed backwards. The rudder lock bolt is on the forward edge of each rudder blade. It is necessary to adjust this bolt to obtain proper helm. Making the bolt longer produces more weather helm (heavy steering) and shortening the bolt decreases weather helm (easier steering). RUDDER BLADES ADJUSTING HELM To install rudder blades into rudder castings, untie ends of downhaul and uphaul lines in castings, but do not unlace. Remove 1/4" bolt with lock nut. Place rudder blade between...

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