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MUSTO TECHNICAL SAILING COLLECTION 2013 It’s going to be hard to top 2012 in terms of sport and sailing at its best; the Volvo Ocean Race certainly kept us enthralled as we watched the excitement unfold and the leaders get ahead. At Musto, we were privileged to partner the CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand entry And play our part in getting them onto the podium. We worked with the sailors to improve our kit and kept in close contact to note how the kit performed. This is how we created our toughest range, the HPX Pro Series – learn about it on page 10. Another proud moment for Musto was...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 5

HPX PRO SERIES Working with the sailors from CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand has led to the launch of our toughest ever HPX - 12 LPX MUSTO IN THE OLYMPIC & PARALYMPIC CLASSES Finally - a hi-fit salopette in out lightest GORE-TEX fabric - p22 ® Musto worked with athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic classes to create products that would not impede their performance - p24 BR1 On and off the water styling with the BR1 Contour Jacket - p30 TAMING THE OCEANS Former Vendée Globe winner Vincent Riou knows that the first step to winning is to finish, and to finish he, and his boat, need to...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 6

OCEANS Former Vendée Globe winner Vincent Riou knows that the first step to winning is to finish, and to finish he, and his boat, need to be in tip top condition. Gael Pawson found out more… Vincent Riou isn’t just one of France’s seemingly endless supply of talented solo ocean racers, he’s one of the biggest names in the sport. Forty-year-old Vincent Riou was victorious in the 2004/5 Vendée Globe, having previously been technical coordinator for Michel Desjoyeaux’s PRB, which won in 2000/1. It was the closest finish in the history of the race as Riou crossed the line less than seven hours...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 7

So as the only former winner on the start line of the 2012-13 race, we wondered what it feels like to finish first in this amazing race? ‘It’s fantastic!’ says Vincent. ‘It is a great moment in a sailor’s life. It is really unique.’ How does Vincent prepare for a race like the Vendée? ‘I try to have the biggest technical preparation I can. I’m meticulous and I like to work on technical improvements. My way of thinking is: if the boat isn’t ready, it is hard to be efficient.’ Vincent’s was the first new boat to be launched, pretty much straight after the 2008-9 race. ‘I’ve sailed a lot with...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 8

FABRIC TECHNOLOGY Keith Musto first started developing clothing for his own Olympic campaign in 1964. After winning a silver medal for Great Britain, he returned home to develop sailing clothing using his intimate understanding of the sport with his technical engineering skills. Musto have been equipping world class sailors ever since and have built a reputation on creating quality, innovative, performance-driven clothing to meet sailor’s needs, even in the most extreme conditions. Today, MUSTO offer a full range of technical sailing clothing designed specifically to meet the various...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 9

an innovative 2 layer Nylon microporous coated fabric with a polyester mesh lining. The fabric breathes by allowing moisture from the warm high humidity zone around the body to escape through microscopic holes which are too small for water to penetrate. The fabric is also treated with a DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent] forcing water to bead and run off. BR1 fabrics have a durable hydrophilic coating which 'breathes' by absorbing moisture from the warm high humidity zone and chemically driving it outwards and away from the body. The fabric is also treated with a DWR finish (Durable Water...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 10

WINDSTOPPER® The WINDSTOPPER® membrane is an ultra thin protective layer which is laminated to a lightweight textile layer, making it totally windproof. It is made of the versatile polymer PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) which is expanded to create a microporous structure. These micropores are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered. This means that the WINDSTOPPER® membrane adds total windproofness to any textile without perceivably restricting its initial breathability or weight. OUTDRY® An innovative technology to waterproof garments...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 11

NILIT® BODYFRESH Smooth, comfortable, high performance antibacterial yarn which provides increased, freshness through effective antibacterial action using silver ion technology. THERMOLITE® Hollow-core fibre technology provides the most warmth at the lightest weight. The larger the surface area allows for faster evaporation by speeding moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate more quickly. COOLMAX® COOLMAX® fabric is the performance fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the...

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technical sailing collection 2016 - 12

The HPX Pro Series is our pinnacle product, designed and developed in partnership with bone fide ocean sailors to be the ultimate protection against hostile Southern Ocean conditions. Working closely with real sailors gives Musto essential knowledge to create the perfect product to meet their needs. Every fabric sourced, every construction technique used, every design detail added, has been specifically chosen to fit the brief. That’s why Musto is the no.1 choice for so many sailors who need kit that won’t let them down. PROTECTIVE HOOD Stretch Hood pod housing fluorescent roll-away...

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TIME TO MAKE ONE HPX SUIT? 8 WEEKS. Moisture vapour escapes Rain and wind stay out SPUME VISOR Outer material Pre-shaped adjustable spume visor covering nose and mouth to make breathing easy GORE-TEX® membrane MICRO GRID BACKER HIGH PROTECTIVE COLLAR High fleece-lined collar and crown of hood for warmth and protection HIGH GRADE LATEX SEAL Inner latex seal to prevent water ingress VIRTUAL DRYSUIT PROTECTION Latex seals with adjustable outer cuffs POUCH POCKET BENEFITS • eets the demands of outdoor professionals and serious M enthusiasts • Engineered to excel in extended and extreme...

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