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Sailing SS 12 - 1


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Sailing SS 12 - 2

2 World match racing No.1 Ian Williams, Team GAC Pindar, Extreme Sailing Series ©Lloyd Images

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Sailing SS 12 - 3

W hen we got a call from Grant Dalton to ask if we were interested in working with CAMPER and Emirates Team New Zealand in their 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race campaign we jumped at the chance. Musto worked with Dalts on the Flyer campaign in 1981-82 when he was the sail maker on board, and since on Fisher & Paykel (1989-90), Merit Cup (1997-98) and Club Med (2000). Each time, we took feedback from Dalts and the crew, combined it with innovative design and materials to create better products – products which found their way into our technical sailing collection the following year. Advances like...

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Sailing SS 12 - 4

4 ICAP Leopard, Transatlantic Speed Sailing Record holder ©Andrea Francolini

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Sailing SS 12 - 6

6 Bertrand Pacé, Aleph Sailing Team, AC World Series ©Lloyd Images

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Sailing SS 12 - 8

8 Riccardo Simoneschi, Audi Fratelli Giacomel, 2nd place Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series 2011 ©Studio Borlenghi/ B-Plan Sports & Events

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Sailing SS 12 - 10

10 Vincent Riou, PRB, winner 2011 Rolex Fastnet Race & 2004-5 Vendée Globe ©Benoit Stichelbaut/ PRB

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Sailing SS 12 - 12

FABRICTECHNOLOGY What is GORE-TEX® Fabric? GORE-TEX® fabrics are created by bonding a 100% waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane between high performance textiles which provide high levels of breathable and waterproof protection. Moisture vapour escapes Rain and wind stay out Outer material The GORE-TEX® membrane is the heart of all GORE-TEX membrane GORE-TEX products. It is completely wind and waterproof, but permeable for water vapour. The result: Water from the outside will never penetrate, cold winds cannot pass through and perspiration can escape easily. This is why your body always stays dry...

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Sailing SS 12 - 13

FABRICTECHNOLOGY BR2 BR2 waterproof fabric is an innovative 2 layer nylon microporous coated fabric with a polyester mesh lining. The fabric breathes by allowing moisture from the warm high humidity zone around the body escape through microscopic holes which are too small for water to penetrate. The fabric is also treated with a dWR finish (durable Water Repellent) forcing water to bead and run off. BR1 BR1 fabrics have a durable hydrophilic coating which ‘breathes’ by absorbing moisture from the warm high humidity zone and chemically driving it outwards and away from the body. The fabric...

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Sailing SS 12 - 14

14 CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand,Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 © CAMPER/ Chris Cameron

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Sailing SS 12 - 15

HPXPRO Teaming with the CAMPER team in the Volvo Ocean Race has given us the opportunity to develop a product to meet the specific needs of professional ocean racing sailors. HPX Pro has been engineered to be stiffer, tougher and stripped-out. Perfectly suited to endure punishing use in hostile Southern Ocean conditions. HPX PRO SERIES SMOCK SH1700 HPX PRO SERIES TROUSERS SH1660 RED | PLATINUM | GOLD RED | PLATINUM | GOLD PHOtOluminescent reflectOrs tHe camPer team insisteD we useD tHe latest marine categOry PHOtOluminescent tecHnOlOgy in Our HPX PrO gear. tHese retrO-reflective trims...

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Sailing SS 12 - 16

16 Banque Populaire V, Transatlantic, Mediterranean, Rolex Fastnet, Round Britain & Ireland record holder ©Benoit Stichelbaut/ BFBP

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Sailing SS 12 - 17

HPXOCEAN HPX Ocean has been refined to offer more wearable technologically advanced protection for the ocean sailor. Fabricated from a softer outer shell yet maintaining the superior GORE-TEX® Ocean Technology® membrane. These garments have been designed for wearer functionality and comfort yet shield against severe weather conditions. HPX OCEAN JACKET SH1650 HPX OCEAN TROUSERS SH1670 HPX OCEAN DRYSUIT SH1605 RED | GOLD RED | GOLD GOLD GORE-TEX® Pro Shell with Ocean Technology® and GORE™ Micro Grid Backer. HPXOCEAN | TECHNOLOGY BENEFITS: • Meets the demands of outdoor professionals and...

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Sailing SS 12 - 18

MPXOFFSHORE Benefiting from the research and development into HPX, MPX Offshore uses GORE-TEX® fabric and has been ergonomically designed for comfort and movement with all the necessary practical features for prolonged periods of offshore sailing. MPX OFFSHORE JACKET SM1512 RED | PLATINUM | GOLD | BLACK WOMEN’S MPX OFFSHORE JACKET SM151W2 RED | PLATINUM MPX Fabric Technology using GORE-TEX® Pro Shell. BENEFITS: • Meets the demands of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts • Engineered to excel in extended and extreme conditions • Extremely tough, extremely breathable, durably...

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Sailing SS 12 - 19

Jérémie Beyou, overall winner La Solitaire du Figaro 2011 ©Alexis COURCOUX - Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro 19

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Sailing SS 12 - 20

20 Chris Bake’s Team Aqua with Cameron Appleton, 2011 RC44 Tour champions ©Dan Ljungsvik

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Sailing SS 12 - 21

MPXRACE Developed for inshore and offshore sailors who need GORE-TEX® fabric technology without the weight and bulk. Garments are designed to maximise freedom of movement and incorporate Stretch GORE-TEX® fabric panels. MPX RACE SMOCK SM0032 MPX RACE DRY SMOCK SM0051 MPX RACE JACKET SM0022 RED | BLACK BLACK | RED PLATINUM | RED | BLACK | ORANGE | WHITE MPX RACE SALOPETTES SM0012 MPX OFFSHORE RACE SMOCK SM1463 MPX OFFSHORE RACE JACKET SM1265 PLATINUM | RED | BLACK | DARK GREY RED | BLACK BLACK | PLATINUM | ORANGE | RED | WHITE MPX Race Fabric Technology using GORE-TEX® Pro Shell & Stretch...

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Sailing SS 12 - 22

22 Riccardo Simoneschi, Audi Fratelli Giacomel, 2nd Melges 32 place Audi Sailing Series 2011 ©Studio Borlenghi/ B-Plan Sports & Events

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Sailing SS 12 - 23

LPX Perfect for racing sailors when performance, weight and space are critical. GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell combines extreme breathability, durable wind and waterproofness with minimum weight and pack volume. LPX SHORTS SL0031 DARK GREY | PLATINUM LPX JACKET SL0012 RED | DARK GREY | PLATINUM LPX TROUSERS SL0021 LPX SMOCK SL0040 PLATINUM | DARK GREY PLATINUM | DARK GREY LPX Fabric Technology using GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell. LPX | TECHNOLOGY BENEFITS: • Durably waterproof • Extremely breathable • Lightweight, packable and versatile CONSTRUCTION: • Face fabric made of high-performance polyester •...

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