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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 2

Dear friends of Mühle-Glashütte, dear owners of a Mühle watch, dear aficionados of mechanical time measuring instruments, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our time measuring instruments and our independent family company. Our company has a moving and eventful history with roots stretching right back to the year 1869. Back then, Robert Mühle first sparked the passion for precise measurement in our hearts. This initial spark has since become a constantly burning flame that we pass down our family from generation to generation, just like the Olympic...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 4

Our Instruments Why our watches personify our values with every tick Mühle watches are time measuring instruments. An instrument is defined by the fact that it offers a specific function and has to prove its worth in day-to-day use. This most definitely also applies to a Mühle watch, which doesn't want to be stuck in its case or even in a dark, cold safe for the rest of its life, but instead wants to and is able to be worn every day. Your Mühle watch feels most at home when sitting comfortably on your wrist and making the most of the positive influence that your body temperature has on its...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 5

Nautical virtues Why Mühle watches have nautical origins Why we make such excellent watches We have been manufacturing wristwatches since 1996. Two years prior to this, Hans-Jürgen Mühle, the fourth Before we got down to the business of producing our first wristwatches, we first considered what makes our generation of our family company, had started to produce marine chronometers and marine time systems. In fact, marine chronometers and marine time systems so special. When out at sea, it all comes down to three nautical we still equip cruise ships with time systems that can contain more...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 6

Our Family Company Why we are committed to our family tradition To understand our traditional understanding of a wristwatch as a time measuring instrument, you need to go right back to the beginnings of our family company. Precise measurement and a passion for precision have defined our corporate and family history every step of the way, ever since Robert Mühle first laid the foundations for our successful development back in 1869. When he founded his company in the German town of Glashütte, Robert Mühle focused on producing precise measuring devices for the local watch industry. His...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 7

Why our roots stretch deep into our home town Why we focus on precision ahead of appearance Our family has now been working in the watchmaking industry We’re not the kind of company that likes to talk a lot and embellish our products with luxurious and extravagant of the German town of Glashütte over a total of five generations extras. Instead, we have been fully focusing on our passion of precise measurement for 150 years. In line with this without interruption. The founding of the town’s first watchmaking focus, we are committed to producing precise instruments and this is what defines...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 8

Symbols: New product '44'°, Diameter Automatic movement Table of Contents and Legend of Symbols Thilo Muhle zum Katalog 1 Instrumente - Warum SIE ticken, wie WIR ticken 4-5 Authentisch - Warum Muhle-Uhren nautischen Ursprungs sind 6 Nautische Tugenden - Warum wir so gute Uhren bauen 7 Familienbetrieb - Warum wir unserer Familientradition verpflichtet sind 8-9 Glashutte - Warum wir tief in unserer Heimat verwurzelt sind 10 Understatement - Warum wir das prazise Sein dem schonen Schein vorziehen 11 Teutonia Sport I „Clous de Paris" 74-75 Teutonia II Kleine Sekunde 88-89 Erste Generation:...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 9

ProMare A nautically inspired watch to put the wind in your sails This robust sports watch is ideal for all kinds of outdoor and water activities, from sailing through to kite buggying and right through to water skiing. This active nautical focus inspired the name of the new Mühle watch, a combination of the Latin terms "pro" and "mare", which fittingly translate to "for the sea".

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 11

ProMare Datum Stay up to date at a glance The ProMare Datum offers excellent readability with a capital R. This not only applies to the fact that it allows users to quickly read the time, but also that it boasts a simple date display. The date display of the ProMare Datum is a good 30 percent larger than that of comparable watches and therefore deserves the honour of being the watch's namesake in the form of the German word "Datum", meaning "date". Movement: SW 400-1, automatic; Mühle version with woodpecker neck regulation, own rotor and characteristic surface finishes. Case:...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 12

ProMare Lady Nautical by nature "Nautical by nature" is the motto of the ProMare Lady. This attractive women's watch not only stands out due • Four diamonds with a diameter of 1.3 millimetres replace 39,0 the indices in the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions. • Two additional diamonds with a diameter of to our nautical values of precision, reliability and excel- 1.1 millimetres are used to form the orientation lent readability, but is even produced using elements of the sea. The stunning mother of pearl that adorns its face, for example, is a purely natural product formed by molluscs such as...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 13

ProMare Go Ready, steady, go! Whatever your active plans for the weekend, be it taking your sailing boat out onto the water or setting out on your bike to venture to the nearby mountain peaks, the ProMare Go is the ideal timepiece for people who take a particularly ambitious approach towards tackling sporting challenges. The sports watch helps its wearers to fulfil these athletic ambitions by providing them with a practical extra: a bidirectional bezel that enables them to quickly and easily mark the start of their sailing trip, mountain hike or cycling tour. Movement: SW 200-1, automatic;...

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Muehle Wristwatches 2020 - 14

S.A.R. watches for nautical use Tried and tested in difficult rescue missions on a day-to-day basis Mühle watches are renowned for their nautical values, namely maximum precision, outstanding reliability and excellent readability. Our S.A.R. models in particular prove their worth as reliable companions on a daily basis, for example as the wristwatches of choice on the rescue cruisers of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) since February 2002.

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