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A TOGNUM GROUP BRAND Engine technology Electronic engine management: Key technology for intelligent engine control Head of the Electronics Department The brain of a modern engine is the electronic control unit. It monitors and controls all the key functions of the engine and the exhaust aftertreatment system. The control unit also acts as the interface to the vehicle's automation system. The optimum interplay of the entire drive system is the key to low pollutant emissions, low fuel consumption and high power output over the entire service life. MTU develops and manufactures this key technology in-house. Engine control center Legislators all over the world are specifying in- creasingly tougher emissions limits for diesel engines. To comply with the requirements, emis- sions from the drive system are constantly being reduced. As the engine's brain, the engine man- agement system (see Figure 1) controls key sys- tems such as fuel injection, turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) that affect en- gine consumption and emission levels as wel as performance. This means that the electronic engine management system is one of MTU's key technologies for developing engines that comply with the increasingly tougher emissions stan- Power. Passion. Partnership.

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Fig. 1 : Rail engine 16V 4000 RX4 with ECU As brain of the engine the ECU engine ma- nagement system enables the precise inter- action between key engine systems including the key technologies injection, turbocharging, exhaust gas recirculation or diesel particulate filter that affect engine consumption and emission levels as well as performance. dards. MTU's own proprietary Engine Control Unit (ECU) controls engine functions extremely precisely so that the formation of harmful emis- sions is greatly reduced by internal engine modi- fications to the combustion process. For very stringent...

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Fig. 2: Overview of the development stages of the engine management system since 1992 MTU launched its first electronic engine controller module to reduce engine fuel consumption and increase perfor- mance back in 1 982. In 1 996 it was followed by the MDEC (MTU Diesel Engine Control). In 2004, there followed the ECU 7 for the Series 2000 and 4000 engines, which is designated ADEC (Advanced Diesel Engine Control). The ECU 8, a special version, followed in 2008 for the Series 1 600 engines. Three years later, MTU launched the ECU 9, which also is designated ADEC. Controllers for future...

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specific automation solutions. For marine appli- cations, on the one hand MTU has developed standardized automation solutions. These en- compass the complete Monitoring Control Sys- tem (MCS) and Remote Control System (RCS) for the automation system of a vessel's entire power train from the propeller to the control stands. On the other hand, with its ship auto- mation system 'Callosum', MTU has created a modern and highly efficient modular system Fig. 3: MTU Powerline automation system for locomotives In the rail sector, MTU has rounded out the engine management system by adding the...

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