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A TOGNUM GROUP BRAND Series 4000-04 Diesel Engines for the Oil & Gas Industry Frac Operation Dimensions and Masses Engine All dimensions are approximate; for complete information refer to the installation drawing. Engine Model Bore/stroke Cylinder conguration Displacement, total Fuel specication* * Ultra low sulfur diesel (<15ppm) required Engine Type Rated Power ICFN kW bhp Power. Passion. Partnership.

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Power Denition Continuous operation w/low load Load factor: < 40%, Operating hours: max. 2000/yr, Overload: Fuel stop (ICFN) Power output within 5% tolerance at standard conditions. Power denition according to ISO 3046 (ratings also correspond to SAE J 1995 and SAE J 1349 standard conditions). Consult your MTU Detroit Diesel or MTU distributor/dealer for the rating that will apply to your specic application. Standard Equipment Starting System Hydraulic starter Fuel System Common rail injection system, double-walled high pressure fuel lines, secondary fuel lter with hand priming pump...

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