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Injection Speed Cylinder Bore/stroke control configuration (mm) Customer benefits Continuous compact power with reference performances in its category Global environment care with low exhaust emissions and controlled fuel consumption at any running cycle Simple technology with mechanical injection Life cycle cost efficiency with extended mean time between overhauls (MBTO) Rating table Model Frequency rpm kWM kWe KVA Standard Voltage Phases synchronous generator Limited Time Running power (LTP) Insulation / Heating class H/H Voltage regulation Electronic Excitation Brushless Protection / Impregnation IP23 / Marine Construction type Single bearing • Variable load with mean power calculated on 250 running hours • Nos overload for mains regulation • Typical hours per year 500 h (with mean power 85 % of rated power) • Total operating time at 100% not exceed 25 hours per year • Maximum continuous running time et 100% rated power: 1h each 12h Power definition Standard ISO 3046/1 - 1995 (F) Reference conditions Ambient temperature 25 °C / 77 °F Fuel oil Relative density Lower calorific power Consumption tolerances Air inlet limit temperature Baudouin.com POWER YOUR SUCCESS

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Standard equipment Engine and block Cast iron cylinder block, with replaceable cylinder liners Separate cast iron cylinder heads Replaceable valves guides and seats Steel forged crankshaft Lube oil cooled light alloy piston with 3 high performance piston rings Cooling system 2 stages cooling radiator including Fresh water/air cooling loop and intake air/air cooling circuits Belt driven cooling radiator fan Lubrification system Full flow screwable oil filters Fresh water cooled lub oil cooler Fuel System In line injection pump with flanged electronic speed governor Double wall injection...

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