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Technical Characteristics Full capacity only in forward rotation Reverse rotation limited to 0,2780 kW/rpm for all engine ratings Same reduction ratio in the two ways of rotation Hydraulic clutches multi-disc type Helicoidal gears with tempered, hardened and rectified teeth Line shaft thrust bearings built-in gearbox secondary shaft Filtration of lubricating oil by a full flow strainer Oil capacity: 60 litres of SAE 30 or SAE 40-type lube oil Maximum input speed (rpm) 1800 1800 1800 P/S forward rotation (kW/rpm) 0,3680 0,3680 0,3680 Standard specifications No coupling housing (not flangeable gearbox), bare input shaft, without coupling flange Mechanically-driven oil pump Coming out lateral shaft (bare conical shaft end) for rear power take off without radial stress Oil cooler, for raw water cooling, fitted on gearbox Clutches control by 24 Vdc electro-distributors with emergency manual control on gearbox Emergency device by clutches mechanical locking Clutches oil pressure switch Coupling flange on output secondary shaft Rigid mounting feet Manual oil draining pump supplied in accessories box

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IR2S Gearbox - 2

Power Take Off Not clutchable power take off Pulley 5 grooves profile A, Ø 232, fitted on lateral - Clockwise rotation PTO rpm = engine rpm - Maximum transmissible torque: 12 m.daN Conical bare shaft end for axial drive - Clockwise rotation - PTO rpm = engine rpm Maximum transmissible torque: 50 m.daN Optional equipment Clutches control by cable instead of electrical device Propeller brake device with control by 24 Vdc electro-distributor Live power take off for hydraulic pump drive (see above) Line shaft counter flange (machined to propeller shaft tapper or pilot bored) Kinematics IR2S...

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