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GLOBAL SERVICE & SUPPORT Cassis, France For over 100 years, Baudouin has manufactured the highest quality engines for marine and power generation applications. In the hostile environment of a marine operator, reliability and durability are paramount, and Baudouin has been successfully serving this market since 1918. It’s from this marine heritage that Baudouin has built a reputation for quality and dependability. Through the 1960’s and 1970’s Baudouin manufactured complete generator sets and engines for power generation applications for some of the most prominent generator manufacturers in...

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POWERKIT DIESEL POWERKIT DIESEL CUSTOMER BENEFITS Best-in-class standard warranty: PRP 2 years, unlimited hours ESP 4 years, 800 hours The PowerKit diesel engine range covers 184000 kVA – a range that few engine manufacturers can match. Baudouin offers huge flexibility to customers in the vast power ratings available, as well as providing mechanical and common rail engines to suit the needs of our global customers, their environment and regulations. Multiple options available including a Telecom design to optimize service intervals Baudouin PowerKit for standby generator sets is your...

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POWERKIT FOR DATA CENTERS POWERKIT FOR DATA CENTERS CUSTOMER BENEFITS Comprehensive product range to meet a wide range of data center requirements Robust and reliable for secure power provision Dual starter options for increased redundancy Now more than ever, saving and securing data is a core concern for businesses. All companies rely on robust and secure IT and cloud systems, with the need for efficient, secure processing ever increasing with the adoption of artificial intelligence. Robust load step and load following capability Market leading warranty terms: 2 years, unlimited working hours...

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CUSTOMER BENEFITS Low NOx emissions High transient and block load capabilities Full duty cycle capability, from prime to continuous power Low energy fuel capability (landfill gas & biogas) Electronically controlled high efficiency engines As emissions standards become more stringent, power solutions must comply with these demands, while meeting ever increasing power requirements. Gas generators have emerged as an efficient solution thanks to their environmental benefits and reduced TCO. In projects that require a reduced environmental footprint, gas engines generate lower emissions than...

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Variable Speed Engines CUSTOMER BENEFITS Straightforward mechanical injection for easy servicing Strong tolerance to varying fuel quality Peace of mind with a best-in-class warranty of 2 years / 2500 working hours ROBUST ENGINES FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Whether in agriculture, port RTGs, airport GPUs, or in food processing plants, variable speed engines deliver agile power to support dynamic power requirements. Variable speed engines enable precision in applications such as irrigation systems or firefighting equipment where the flexibility of the engine allows for adjustments in the output...

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Emergency standby power is the maxi- Data Centre Power is defined as being mum power available for varying load for the maximum power which a generating the duration of a main power network set is capable of delivering while sup- failure. The average load factor over 24 plying a variable or continuous electri- hours of operation should not exceed cal load and during unlimited run hours. 70% of the engine's ESP power rating. Depending on the sites to supply and Typical operational hours of the engine the availability of reliable utility, the is 200 hours per year, with a maximum generating...

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