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Marine Engines 6 M19.3 4 Stroke diesel engine, direct injection Bore and stroke Number of cylinders Total displacement Compression ratio Engine rotation (ISO 1204 standard) Idle speed Flywheel housing Flywheel 126 x 155 mm 6 in line 11,60 litres 18/1 counterclockwise 600 rpm SAE 1 SAE 11,5” Customer benefits Continuous compact power with reference performances in its category Global environment care with low exhaust emissions Best in Class fuel consumption at any load profile Life cycle cost efficiency with extended mean time between overhauls (MBTO) Rated power - Fuel consumption Duty kW hp rpm Fuel consumption g/kWh P1 duty Application unrestricted continuous Engine load variations very little or none Average engine load factor 80 to 100 % Annual working time more than 5000 h Time at full load unlimited P2 duty continuous continuous 30 to 80 % 3000 to 5000 h 8 h each 12 h P3 duty intermittent important 50 % 1000 to 3000 h 2 h each 12 h P4 duty high performance very important 30 % less than 1000 h 1 h each 12 h Power definition Reference conditions Ambient temperature Barometric pressure Relative humidity Raw water temperature Fuel oil Relative density Lower calorific power Consumption tolerances Inlet limit temperature Our ratings also comply with classification societies maximum temperature definition without power derating. Ambient temperature Raw water temperature

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Engine and block Cast iron cylinder block, with replaceable cylinder liners Separate cast iron cylinder heads equipped with 4 valves Replaceable valves guides and seats Steel forged crankshaft with 7 bearings Lube oil cooled light alloy piston with 3 high performance piston rings Cooling system Fresh / raw water heat exchanger with integrated thermostatic valves and expansion tank Cast iron centrifugal fresh water pump, mechanically driven Bronze self-priming raw water pump, mechanically driven Lubrification system Full flow duplex type oil filters Fresh water cooled lube oil cooler plate...

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Société Internationale des Moteurs Baudouin Technoparc du Brégadan - 13260 Cassis - France - Tel. +33 488 688 500 - Baudouin.com M.D.114.EN.10.19 Moteurs Baudouin reserve the right to modify these specifications, without notice. Document not contractual.

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