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WARNING! Strictly follow all instructions to avoid malfunction, damage, accidents, personal injury or death. Incorrect. Avoid to prevent malfunction and accidents. See for additional safety and mounting information. MORF Block is installed by using soft attachment methods. The primary structure loop is set through the block's mouth and must give complete support to the bearing. A secondary lashing keeps the loop and block aligned. The patented bearing system combines axial and thrust bearings into a single bearing. NOMENCLATURE Primary Structure Loop Lashing Holes Cheek Cheek Cheek Mouth Sheave Understanding Your Block The MORF Block is composed by a sheave, a bearing, cheeks and a primary structure loop; these components act as a unit and are an integral part of the block. The primary structure loop is not intended for direct attachment to an anchor point. Do NOT remove primary structure loop, replacements are available at MORFBLOCK. Use a lashing rope to attach the block to the anchor point. The used lashing must have a maximum working load that meets or exceeds the block’s maximum listed braking load; when knots are used it is recomended to use a method which exceeds at least four (4) times the maximum working load listed. MORF Block is not liable or responsible for the chosen attachment method or attachment line selection. Carefully follow the instructions and recommendations below for proper use. WARNING! Knots weaken line considerably. Seek for professional advice on how to select your attachment method. INSTALLATION Anchor Point Attaching the Block The MORF Block requieres additional rope lashing methods (not suppied) to attach the block to its anchor point. USE ROPE LASHING ONLY; this method will allow the block to freely align to the loads. The anchor point must be rounded with soft radiuses such us padeyes or pins. Sharp edges on standard perforated plates such as toerails or mast base will cause damage to the loop and failure. Anchor points must be structurally adequate and have rounded edges. WARNING! The MORF Block requires to be free to self-align to the loads; USE ROPE LASHING ONLY. Constraining the block’s movement may result in malfunction, damage, accidents, personal injury or death. SHARP EDGES WARNING! Lines running over a sharp edge will cause chafing and degradation resulting in failure. Attach to rounded edge fitting onl

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Fixed Alignment Block Attachment Inspect Parts When blocks have a fixed alignment, such a mast base tuning block running from mast to clutch, the MORF Block can be attached directly to the Primary Structure Loop. A longer Primary Structure Loop will be required to ensure the block does not interfere with any object and it is free to align. Inspect parts everytime you sail. Block Alignment Check After securing the block to its anchor point ensure the block is aligned within its Primary Structure Loop. WARNING! Failure to inspect and maintain the block can result in braking under load....

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