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ALUMINUM FISHING BOATS by Misty Harbor At ULTRACRAFT we set out to design and build one of the finest and most durable lines of fishing boats in the industry. As we enter our fifteenth year of aluminum boat building, we are pleased to announce that we've been successful in both areas. Feature for feature, every ULTRACRAFT model is at or near the top in each size and performance class. Our unrelenting drive and commitment to quality insures a line of boats that not only performs above expectations, but is a leader in the price to value equation as well. Check out the ULTRACRAFT line-up....

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CONSTRUCTION FEATURES As we enter our fourth year as the ULTRACRAFT brand of Misty Harbor, we are becoming well known for our total dedication to building quality into every boat we make. In defining our niche as a builder of high performance boats for the price conscious buyer, we still incorporate some of the finest materials and construction techniques in the industry. From our high performance hull designs, well thought out fishing features, and stunning good looks, each ULTRACRAFT is sure to bring years of pleasure to their owners. Riveted Construction: Each ULTRACRAFT hull is...

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STEALTH 189FS The 189FS is perfectly at home on large lakes and reservoirs and with its ample horsepower rating getting across those lakes is a breeze. Ample storage abounds in the forward and rear deck areas as well as in the floor between the consoles. convenient rod storage is available in the gunwales and our unique “toekick” areas along the sides makes standing near the sides very comfortable. Convertible flip-up rear seating allows the Stealth 189FS to work well for cruising as well. l l l l l Console Seating Livewell Access Storage Access Rod Locker Access 189FS Model 189FS Length...

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If you're looking for a boat that stands out in 17-18' class, look no further than the Stealt 178C. The deep-vee design handles like a dream and offers top-end performance. Our Stealth 178W offers the comfort of a dual console arrangement while the side console 178C affords more fishing room, while offering protection from the wind. Ample storage and fishing room abound in both models. Livewell Access Stern Height Aluminum Gauge* Dual Consoles With Walk- Throush Windshield *Aluminum gauge bow/bottom and sides Standard Features: Bait Keeper Basket • Tilt Steering Wheel Trolling Motor Outlet...

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STEALTH 169W Looking for the perfect fishing boat that is just a bit more versatile? By all means look at the Stealth 169W. The Stealth 169W offers the flexibility of dual consoles which makes it perfect as a family boat. With the added comfort of the dual console and cockpit seating with four seating positions, the Stealth 169W is perfect for a day of family fun - cruising, tubing, or waterskiing - while at the same time not losing any of its capability as a fine fishing rig. l l l l l Console Seating Livewell Access Storage Access Rod Locker Access Model Dual Consoles With WalkThrough...

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STEALTH 169C Sporting a smaller version of the high performance hull of the Stealth 178, our Stealth 169C offers all the benefits and features of our deep-vee design in a more economical package. Offering a 90HP rating, the Stealth 169C definitely offers stellar performance as well. Dual rod lockers and dual livewells give anglers all they could want in a fishing machine. Combined with a fully equipped console and bow trolling motor receptacle the 169C has all the electronic requirements covered. 169C l l l l l Console Seating Livewell Access Storage Access Rod Locker Access Model 169C...

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Molded Console With Full Large Casting Deck with Extra Storage Standard Features: Trolling Motor Deck/Outlet • Captain's Chair With Slider Built-in 1 6 Gallon Fuel Tank • 2 Fishing Seats With 5 Seat Bases 2 Rod Lockers • Large Front Casting Platform With 3 Storage Areas Lights - Stowable Running Lights • 46" Aerated Livewell With Bait Keeper Bag See pages 14-15 for a complete list of features and options. *Aluminum gauge bow/bottom and sides

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rhe Trophy 164's and 166's share the same high performance hull design. However, equipped differently to allow you to choose between the full feature 166 or the more modestly equipped 164. The 166C comes with full instrumentation, a larger 45" livewell and a built-in 16 gallon fuel tank. The 164C comes with a 36" livewell, optional instrumentation and storage for a 6 gallon portable fuel tank. Choose the Trophy that is right for you! 16 Gallon Fuel Tank • Lockable Rod Locker Full Instrumentation & Windshield on 1 66C 45" Aerated Livewell • Trolling Motor Outlet On Bow Captain's Chair On...

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For the value conscious fisherman, our Voyager series is the perfect choice. Their smaller size makes them perfect for slipping into smaller lakes and rivers, yet they give up Nothing in fishing comfort. They offer many fine features of the Trophy Series at a very realistic price point. Pedestal fishing seats, a rod locker, trolling motor outlet," and an aerated livewell give anglers what they need for a Standard Features: Molded Consoles» 1 Fishing Seat With 4 Seat Bases Lockable Rod Locker • Optional Bait Keeper Basket 36" Aerated Livewell • Soft Grip Sport Steering Wheel Trolling Motor...

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Wide open fishing room is what tiller anglers prefer in a fishing boat, and both the Voyager 16CT and 14CT models provide just that. Perfect for the walleye angler that likes to backtroll, these two boats offer pinpoint boat control to make them successful. VOYAGER Both models are outfitted with pedestal fishing seats, a rod locker, trolling motor outlet, and an aerated livewell. 16CT & 14CT VOYAGER 16CT l l l l 16CT 14CT Seating Livewell Access Storage Access Rod Locker Access Model 16CT 14CT Length 15' 10" 14' 1" Beam 72" 72" Bow Height 33" 31" .063" .063" 20" 20" 525 lbs. 475 lbs. 36"...

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D'LITE & CANADIAN VOYAGER Our full line of utility boats are designed and built to withstand the wear and tear of many years of hard use like those found in resort boat fleets. The two models in the D’Lite series are lightweight and perfect for car-topping or hauling in your pick-up. The two Canadian Voyager models feature the popular two rear corner seat configuration. They also have heavy duty extruded box gunwales, rugged cast aluminum corner gussets and fully welded stem caps for exceptional strength and durability. 14 CANADIAN 14 D'LITE Model Model Length Length Beam Beam Bow Height...

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