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MistyBrochure - 2

EKÏI new M MY ll*rb<w pontoixi tn»l i» owered by iw tnduttrv leiding 20 y**rt ntm- «orni» tin M ■ ■pontoon Kimt. deci ri*er toi», t*J te«mt, and motor mount *e*mt iV :■■ treated ph-mxxl felina* li eovmd by a limited Lfettwr wamnCY aglina deeat and delammaiiim Sn dealer for warranty detail* lhaJ eocne with 20 YEAR * BUYRR «eh new Mw> Ì Uthat rroioon boat. rr 9 f The Certified Advantage: TI* NMMA tmE^ Certified bbd on J MUtv Harbor boit b jour f mms, tad often exceeda the induory» «tiofl 4BVC dontfofdi¡T «rkte*i quality and >jfc<> iundinb.

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MistyBrochure - 28

EXPLORER COMPACT I ont let iheir tmaUer «re fool TOO. These 1 diminutive Unie pontooni art every bit Misty -Jk_& llartvtr through anti through They we perfect for imaller bodiet of water or tmaUer familk». In ran rhev art aciuaür quire rraikrable for (he famrJr that vranti to take their pontoon wiih thmt. Small and handy - make* exploring funi .IdélttiQtial Feature*: (i~w*tM*M*"if*%*¡HkfM*É**i • FS Modci» Feature 2 Fishing Stat* And LiwD * ™rmru ?f . • CF Model* Feature Rear L Seating Ph» 2 Ftihin* ' Vf ÏSTSST 8MB and a Lnrutll * Opuorul Tinted • 23' Diameter rWoon* (.080 Cause) PERFORM...

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MistyBrochure - 31


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MistyBrochure - 32

YOUR LOCAL MISTY HAKBoH DKALLK o* Cool M I Yo«f Local MUIT lUrbof Dcakr 221 KrviyM Wen • Fott I)o4gc, Iowa MM

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