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Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.  121 Power Drive  Mankato, MN 56001 minnkotamotors.com MINN KOTA CONSUMER & TECHNICAL SERVICE MINN KOTA DEALER & DISTRIBUTOR SERVICE JOHNSON OUTDOORS INC. CANADA 121 Power Drive Mankato, MN 56001 Phone (800) 227-6433 Fax (800) 527-4464 555 Main Street, Suite 241 Racine, WI 53403 Phone (800) 299-2592 Fax (262) 631-6609 All Terrain, Bowguard 360°, E-Drive, Fortrex, Humminbird, i-Pilot, LakeMaster, Maxxum, Minn Kota, Riptide, Terrova, Traxxis and Vantage are registered trademarks of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. AutoPilot, Cool Power, CoPilot, DeckHand, DualBeam PLUS, Endura, Link, Maximizer, MicroTouch, Minn Kota Matched Systems, PowerDrive, Quiet Power, Tilt Twist Tiller, Ulterra, Ultimate Power and Weedless Wedge are trademarks of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin International Inc. Lowrance is a registered trademark of Lowrance Electronics Inc. Realtree and MAX-5 are registered trademarks of Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. WAGO is a registered trademark of WAGO Corporation. Wall-Nut is a trademark of WAGO Corporation. Specifications are subject to change without notice. ©2014-2015 Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved Printed in the U.S.A. RECYCLED PAPER

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WHAT WILL WE THINK OF NEXT? WOULDN’T THEY LIKE TO KNOW. The first GPS trolling system. The first one that could talk to a fishfinder. The first unbreakable composite shaft. The first AutoPilot™ compass system. The first motor with more than 100 pounds of thrust. And now, the first motor you can remotely stow, deploy, and trim up or down. Notice a pattern? For more than 80 years, we’ve been changing the game with first after first. And behind us at each milestone, there’s been someone else to remind us that imitation is the highest form of flattery. So be it. Some are born to lead, others to...

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FIND TALON’S BREAKING POINT, IF IT HAS ONE. SHALLOW WATER ANCHOR TalonTortureChamber.com We punished it with 30 G’s of force, torched it with a flamethrower and tried to break it in half. Talon just asked for more. Check out TalonTortureChamber.com, where you can see Talon take on everything from shotgun blasts to cage fighters. The quietest. The deepest. The toughest. The smartest. Meet the last shallow water anchor you’ll ever need. SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A 12-FOOT STICK. HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT The all-new camo Talon makes the quietest shallow water anchor on the water even more stealthy....

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SHALLOW WATER ANCHOR Talon deploys faster, holds stronger and runs quieter than any other shallow water anchor. And it’s equipped with an arsenal of features and innovations that no other anchor can touch. STEALTH: SPEED: Fast, automatic anchoring lets you hit your spot more accurately, and get your lines in the water sooner. Hold it Right There Talon packs more anchoring and retracting force than any other anchor – so you get a secure hold and easy anchor retraction. 2X ANCHORING FORCE USER-SELECTABLE ANCHORING MODES Anchoring in hard bottom isn’t the same as anchoring into mud. With...

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UNIVERSAL MODULAR ADAPTER BRACKETS It’s easy to choose your bracket, easy to install it and pretty much impossible for anything to stop it. Talon’s Universal Modular Adapter Brackets are built stronger than they have to be, and their innovative modular design lets you put Talon in just the right position on your boat. Just answer these two simple questions to find the right bracket for your boat. 1. Do You Need An Adapter Bracket? This depends on whether you have a flat or curved transom. If you have a flat transom, we recommend mounting Talon directly to it (all hardware is included for...

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Only i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link feature LCD screens to show you exactly what you’re doing at all times. With other remotes, you’re flying blind. But i-Pilot and Link tell you which functions are active, which track or spot you’re on, your speed, and more. i-PILOT / i-PILOT LINK SEE WHAT ELSE i-PILOT AND i-PILOT LINK CAN DO. i-Pilot i-Pilot Link Cruise Control CoPilot wireless speed and steering NEW Micro Remote compatible FEATURE Spot-Lock electronic anchoring Stay on your fishing spot. If you start to drift away, i-Pilot and Link’s GPS kicks in to take you back. Advanced AutoPilot to stay on...

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i-PILOT LINK NOW WE’RE TALKIN’ i-Pilot Link lets your Humminbird and trolling motor communicate with each other, which means you can use your Humminbird or the Link remote to control your motor. Link also boasts an enormous arsenal of features and functions – there’s no limit to where fully integrated, GPS precision can take you. CONTROL YOUR MOTOR FROM YOUR HUMMINBIRD Link turns your Humminbird into command central. Use it to control your motor, set and return to Spot-Locks and iTracks, follow contours, and more. You can do just about everything from your Humminbird that you can do from...

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PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTONS Less navigating means more fishing. That’s what the fishing world learned when we introduced i-Pilot – and it hasn’t been the same since. i-Pilot uses GPS to lock onto fishing spots, record and retrace paths, command speed and steering, and more – all from a compact, wireless remote with an LCD screen. i-Pilot takes you anywhere you want to go, automatically. To keep you connected, lanyard and carabiner are included. i-Pilot is equipped with five revolutionary sets of features designed to keep you on the fish – and take you back to them. SPOT-LOCK ADVANCED AUTOPILOT...

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COOL, QUIET POWER TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL Extend battery life, integrate sonar and make boat control automatic. We’ve got a full line of technologies that make your motor even better than you thought it could be. DIGITAL MAXIMIZER™: UP TO FIVE TIMES LONGER RUN TIME ON A SINGLE CHARGE Motors with Digital Maximizer™ draw only as much power as you need, so they don’t waste any energy. These motors are variable speed, so dial in your speed and let Digital Maximizer deliver the right amount of power, while conserving your battery. TOUGH CROWD. What do the best anglers on the planet all have in...

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